TikToker Does 'Dinner With Dad' For Anyone Who Needs A Father In Their Life

Ashley Hunte
A dad and child standing on a cliff as the child points outward.
Unsplash | Ante Hamersmit

TikTok is full of all sorts of videos, from pure entertainment, to things that are actually going to teach you a thing or two. And sure, while not all the content on the app is good, it's also a place where you can feel right at home.

Literally. One TikToker has taken to becoming the internet's dad, and a popular series of his is resonating with a lot of people.

Summer Clayton is your proud dad.

Existing on TikTok as @yourprouddad (and Instagram as @officialyourprouddad), Walker uses his platform to provide a safe space for his 2.5 million followers (who he, of course, refers to as his children).

He posts plenty of videos both on TikTok and Instagram from the perspective of being your dad.

From calming music, props, and speaking and looking at the camera as if he's looking directly at the audience, the illusion feels pretty real.

One of his most popular series is "Dinner With Dad."

Just as the name sounds, Walker acts as if he's about to sit down to have dinner with you, his child (or, one of his many children, at least).

These TikToks can garner millions of views.

They all follow a similar formula. Walker sits down, hands you a plate, tells you what's for dinner, blesses the food, and then asks about your day. There's something really reassuring about the whole experience, to be honest.

He asks you (the viewer) to talk about your day.

Always ready to listen, Walker asks you to name one good thing that happened to you, and one challenging thing. Sometimes it's for that day, and other times it's for the whole week.

And he doesn't just post videos where he sits down for dinner with you.

Walker posts a whole host of videos from the perspective of a dad doing regular dad things with his kid. Like taking you on a drive after ordering takeout.

He even posts videos where he tucks you in at night.

This kind of thing really resonates with viewers, especially if their relationships with their real-life dads are not so great. It makes so many people feel care for, and less alone.

And he's full of fatherly advice, too.

Walker has a video that teaches you how to tie a tie (which is something I never knew I needed to know, but can now do with confidence). And he teaches you all sorts of other things, too.

Like the right way to clip your nails.

Not everyone has a parental figure in their life who teaches them these kinds of lessons.

One user commented under this video, "Thanks dad you always help when I need it."

And most importantly, the account acts like a safe space for anyone in need of a dad.

"As a dude with a not so present dad, this means a lot. Thank you," a user commented.

"You always be making my days be so much better," said another.

Talk about a positive impact!

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