Robert Irwin wrangling snake found on road at night in Australia Zoo
TikTok | @robertirwin

Robert Irwin Rescues Snake From Middle Of Road By Grabbing It With Bare Hands

Robert Irwin's recent actions have really lived up to the Crocodile Hunter name after he rescued a snake by wrangling it with his bare hands just as Steve would have.

Both he and his sister Bindi have long pledged to honor their father's legacy by carrying on his wildlife conservation work at the Australia Zoo, but Robert seems to have more of his dad's adventurous spirit.

Not only has he shown this in a video that saw him searching for endangered animals, but the way he sometimes feeds crocodiles in a live setting will definitely look familiar to those who often watched The Crocodile Hunter back in the day.

So while a video that features someone messing around with a live snake they found would normally seem incredibly ill-advised, we could be sure that Irwin knew what he was doing and why he was doing it in a recent TikTok.

While driving on the Australia Zoo's grounds at night, Irwin came across this snake and started filming a video that was uploaded to TikTok on May 24.

Robert Irwin smiling next to snake in the middle of the road at night
TikTok | @robertirwin

And his encounter with the creature is pretty charming right from the start as he opens the video by saying, "have a look at this big fella" and excitedly says he's going to wrangle it once he sets up his phone.

He then goes on to explain why he's not just leaving the snake alone, saying, "He's in a very very very bad position."

And that's not only because it's in the middle of the road, but also because of the fact that the road cuts through the Australia Zoo.

Robert Irwin wrangling snake found on road at night in Australia Zoo
TikTok | @robertirwin

As Irwin explained, the snake was between a crocodile reserve and an aviary filled with birds. So if Irwin didn't intervene, it's likely the snake would either be run over, get eaten by crocodiles, or end up eating some of the zoo's birds.

Since none of those scenarios sounded good to him, he decided to pick it up and put it in a bag to make it easier to bring the snake to some more suitable bushlands.

But of course, it's hard to let an opportunity to show off an interesting animal go by when you're an Irwin.

So before he packs the snake up, we can see Irwin remark on its size and demonstrate how it constricts and asphyxiates its prey before eating it by letting it wrap around his hand.

Irwin is often described as fearless and how casually and sweetly he refers to this snake while it's contemplating biting him is definitely a testament to that reputation.

By the next day, Irwin and his mother Terri went to the bushland he promised and found a nice lakeside spot for the wayward snake.

And after ensuring that his mom was actually filming and briefly taking her sunglasses, Irwin then gently lifted the snake out of the bag and set it free.

As he put it, "I think he's slightly bummed out that he can't eat any of our birds but other than that, I reckon he's pretty happy."

h/t: People