A Shower Jean Hack Has Gone Viral For Making Them Fit Better

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The worst feeling in the world is when we find a pair of jeans we absolutely love but they just don't come in the right size. Or, when we have a pair of jeans we used to fit into, but we gained a little weight and they're too snug for comfort now.

Having to get rid of, or say goodbye to, a favorite pair of jeans is like letting go of a friend. However, there may be a way to keep them around much longer.

Everyone is always trying to "lose weight" to fit into their old jeans.

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Wanting to fit back into an old pair of jeans is an age-old tale that we have all heard. Most people crash diet or add a few extra minutes of cardio to fit back in. Now, thanks to TikTok and one nana, we have a new way to get into your tight jeans.

One TikTok user, Lily Schoknecht, learned an old trick from her grandmother.

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Schoknecht's grandmother had a pretty old hack to get tight jeans to fit much more comfortably and much better without having to do more crunches or cut out sugar. All you have to do is wear them in the shower. Sounds a bit crazy though, right?

Schoknecht explained she had gotten a pair of jeans she loved, but they were a size too small.

Shower Jean Hack
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Schoknecht explained she usually gets a size 12 in jeans, but the ones she found that she was in love with were a size 10. They were definitely a bit too tight to wear regularly. So, she told her grandmother, who told her that she just had to wear them in the shower.

Then, you wear them for an hour or so around the house.

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Her grandmother's advice was to simply, "shower in them, wear them around the house, stretch them out a little bit, and then let them air dry and don't put them in the dryer again."

Schoknecht had to see it to believe it.

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She decided to try the hack herself and much to her surprise, her size 10 jeans fit her—even with some extra room in them. Her grandmother also told her that from now on, don't put them in the dryer.

Air drying the jeans works best.

Shower Jean Hack
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When you put jeans in the dryer, they tend to become stiff and shrink. If you let them air dry, it retains the shape and size that you desire. I know, it's basically magic, am I right?

Her grandmother had been doing this trick for years.

Instead of showering in them, she would soak the jeans in a bucket of water and then wear them around the house to get to the right size. However, showering with them is a much faster way to do it.

Many TikTok users were intrigued.

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Many people were fascinated by this and also wanted to try it themselves. Some asked how long you had to wear them for wet because it's kind of uncomfortable to wear wet jeans around the house. Apparently, an hour is okay.

Other TikTok users tried it out themselves.

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TikTok user Cici saw Schoknecht's video and decided to try the hack out for herself. She had a cute pair of ripped jeans that she couldn't button and showcased in a TikTok video to her viewers. She thought why not try the hack and see if it worked.

Low and behold, the jeans fit.

Shower Jean Hack
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After showering in the jeans, she proved that they totally fit. She was able to not only button them, but she also had a little more wiggle room in them, like Schoknecht did, too.

She did warn that it does feel a bit strange.

A little strange SNL
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Cici advised viewers it definitely feels weird to shower in your jeans—comparing it to "peeing your pants." She said that some of the sensory feelings like wet jeans on your ankles feel gross, but overall, worth the discomfort.