Model Gives Potential Partners An IQ Test So She 'Doesn't Waste Her Time With Idiots'

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In the world of dating today, many of us have expectations for potential partners. We all want someone who will be good to us and take care of us when we need them most.

We also want someone we are attracted to and vibe with. But, most of all, we want someone who can carry a conversation and do it well—no one wants to waste their time with someone who can't keep up.

Dating someone with intelligence is on the top of everyone's priority list.

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As many of us use dating apps and other methods of meeting people, it's not always easy to figure out whether or not someone has brains or if they're simply potatoes with legs. We all want someone who is smart and well-read.

But, how can we tell if someone is smart from the jump?

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On the first date, we can't always tell if someone is truly smart or if they're just charismatic and charming. What if there was a way to figure it all out before we even get to the second date?

One model has decided to take matters into her own hands.

21-year-old New York-based model Candice Kloss has an IQ of 136 and says that her intelligence can oftentimes be intimating to men. She knows that in a partner, she doesn't want someone who is "an idiot."

Kloss had dropped out of college and pursued OnlyFans instead.

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In 2011, the model dropped out of college and continued her career, making money on OnlyFans. However, this does not stop her from being intrigued and fascinated by mathematics and economics.

The model is actually in the top 2 percentile on the IQ scale.

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The average IQ on the IQ scale is around 100. Those with a score of 120-140 are classified as "very superior intelligence" and, anything over 140 is considered "genius." Seeing as Kloss is at a 136, she's highly intelligent.

Many men "underestimate her."

Due to her good looks and the societal stigma that models aren't "book smart," Kloss shares that she is oftentimes not what men think she is. But, she enjoys that because she loves to prove people wrong, especially men.

Due to her intelligence, Kloss has high standards when it comes to dating.

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Kloss knows that her beauty and brains are two things she holds high, so when looking for a partner she wants someone who is not only good-looking but also highly intelligent, too.

Now, the model has "cracked the code" with her potential suitors.

IQ Test
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In order to figure out whether or not someone is worth dating, she gives them an IQ test on their first date. Kloss says it's a waste of her time to continue dating someone who is not on her level.

Those who pass the IQ test are eligible for a second date.

"There are a lot of men that are attractive but if they are not intelligent it takes away from good looks. How can you enjoy time with someone if you cannot connect over conversation," Kloss told The Daily Mail.

However, Kloss said it's more than just the IQ test.

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"Some people don't care to keep up with current events which can be a turn-off. It's attractive if someone picks up on things quickly, as well as emotional intelligence and a quick wit," the model shared.

Kloss also enjoys men who are "passionate" about things.

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Kloss shared they don't have to be "exceptionally" smart, but they should be well versed in a multitude of subjects and also show enthusiasm for things they're passionate about.

I guess we know the way to figure out if guys are worth our time, now!