People Are In Love With A $1,000 Cat Backpack

Lex Gabrielle
Cat Bag
Unsplash | Alexandr Popadin

People online, and quite frankly, all over the world, love their pets to an insane degree. And I mean insane in a good way (as I am one of those people who love my pets an insane amount). This might spur people to get clothes, shoes, or framed photos of their pets. In general, though, animal lovers will go above and beyond to show their dedication to the furry, scaled, or feathered friends that they adore.

People who love and adore cats are on another level.

cat owner
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Over the years, people have gone from simply being cat owners to using the fact that they are a cat owner as their entire personality. Those who have cats flock to each other in waves—as though owning a cat is its own grouping of individuals.

That's why people online have gone totally bonkers over a new backpack launched in Japan.

cat owner
Unsplash | Japheth Mast

A new bag that was launched by a Japanese designer has taken off and gone viral on Twitter thanks to cat lovers all over the world. Seriously, everyone who even remotely likes a cat wants this bag.

The bag essentially looks like a cat.

I'm not talking about a cartoon or animated cat, either. I mean it looks like you have an entire cat strapped onto your back, and obviously, you can fill it up with all the things you need.

The cat bag was created by a Japanese housewife.

Japanese housewife Miho Katsumi hand sews the bags herself. The bags literally look like a real cat, including the adorable eyes, the pink paws, and the long, furry tails. They are one of the most realistic things I've ever seen.

The bags, being handmade, take a while to make.

Katsumi told Insider that each bag takes her one week to design, and up to three months to make. Each backpack is hand-sewn—which means she is doing all those intricate details with her own two hands.

And, it takes a ton of material to create, too.

Smaller bags that Katsumi creates takes about 22 pieces of fabric, while the larger ones—like the backpack—take around 80 pieces of fabric. I can't imagine doing everything by hand.

So, Katsumi posted some photos online and the response was epic.

After she decided to start sharing her pictures online on Twitter, people fell so in love, and it went viral. Many people commented and retweeted the photos, stunned that this was a bag and not a real cat.

Some were very confused.

Many people replied saying that they 100% thought this was a real cat at first—and who can blame them? The details on this creation are so meticulous, and it really does look like a real cat at first glance.

If you go on her Instagram page, you can see even more pics.

There are many different styles and types of bags that Katsumi makes. There is really something for everyone, and because everything is handmade, people can request what they want.

But, each bag does cost a pretty penny, too.

Each cat backpack retails for 140,000 Japanese yen—which is around $1,074. Seeing as the bags are handmade per order, that's not unreasonable to spend for the intricate sewing and hard work that goes into them.

So many people have ordered from her, that Katsumi is not taking any new requests at this time.

Currently, Katsumi is not accepting new orders as she is fulfilling the orders that were already placed through her website. She said she will let everyone know via social media when she is accepting new orders. So keep your eyes peeled!