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Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Buys It: 'Best Of Luck'

In case you missed the historic news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently purchased Twitter for a staggering amount of money. Like, we're talking $44.1 BILLION dollars, which to us seems like a lot, but to a BILLIONAIRE? It's truly just pocket change.

The decision came with much controversy and many people have announced they're are leaving the platform, including The Good Place actress, Jameela Jamil.

On Monday, it was announced that Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk had officially BOUGHT Twitter.

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The purchase came after Elon acquired 9% of the social media platform's shares earlier this year. On April 14, the billionaire offered to purchase the rest of the shares at $54.20 each, amounting to a shocking $44.1 billion total.

He called it his "final and best offer" for the platform.

Now, many people have many different thoughts about this, and one of the most outspoken celebrities, Jameela Jamil, is no exception.

The actress took to Twitter on Monday to announce she was leaving the platform.

Her first tweet was lighthearted and humorous, mocking all the trolls who have been trying to get her off the site for years now.

"... it's a win win for you all really," Jameela tweeted to her haters.

Her final tweet was a photo dump of her and her sweet dog, Barold.

"I fear this free speech bid is going to help this hell platform reach its final form of totally lawless hate, bigotry and misogyny."

"Best of luck," she concluded with a heart emoji.

While the future of the website is still up in the air, I wonder how many other celebrities, influencers, and creators will remove themselves from the platform once and for all.

In the hours following Jameela's departure, her social media soon became flooded with comments both good and bad.

Sharing her final tweet on Instagram, Jameela wrote: "MY DMS ARE WILD TODAY. I said this and then left, after Elon bought Twitter, and some angry white men are seemingly quite upset."

"They keep talking about how I don’t want free speech. That I’m a dumb [explective] (partially true tbf) and some just told me how they want to kill me- standard."

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She continued: "I don’t want a freedom of hate speech because it is detrimental to the freedom of speech of the oppressed as they face such horrific and scary real life consequences for objecting to their oppression."

"This is a move towards (esp straight male) white entitlement," Jameela added.

"Nobody else is safe there if they do not think the already HORRIFYING vitriol on that app is enough 'freedom.' It’s about to become The Purge and some sort of crypto bro fever dream I fear. Why bother when I could just be happy and play with Barold and eat cake ya know?"

"Freedom to speak, and freedom to not listen and protect my sanity instead," she continued.

"It appears obvious some of these people were looking forward to being able to abuse me on Twitter, and have had to come to my DMs to spew their boring [explective]. Sign of what’s to come on there eh? Let the angry boys have their toy."

"Once there is nobody there to make bigoted jokes about, or to oppress or threaten to [explective] they will fizzle out and go back to Reddit where they came from."

Jameela then concluded by pointing out once more how cute her dog is, which of course, is a point we can all agree on.

Fellow celebrities and public figures shared their stories of leaving the platform in Jameela's comments and seems like it's most definitely the best move for them, and the actress.

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I'm hoping everyone can come to a decision that will bring them peace during these unprecedented times.