Exec's LinkedIn Rant About WFH 'Breeding Wrong Behaviors' Goes Viral, Stirring Debate

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Working from home isn't new, but WFH has taken on a whole new dimension over the past two years. What began as a pandemic-induced necessity has morphed into many employers and employees recognizing that it isn't always necessary to report to a central office.

At least one CEO, however, doesn't think WFH is all it's cracked up to be.

It's here to stay.

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Thanks to platforms like Zoom and Slack, it's easier than ever to stay connected to colleagues. This means that many employees have been able to ditch the office and work from virtually anywhere that has a solid internet connection.

Not everyone is crazy about WFH.

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Some folks find it difficult to separate their home and work spaces, and prefer the structure that reporting to a central office provides to them. Some bosses feel like it's harder to supervise employees if everyone's in a different space.

We're about to share one CEO's rant, and oh boy, is it a doozy.

Let this one wash over you.

LinkedIn post against working from home
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A CEO posted this rant on LinkedIn, and it was cross-posted to the r/antiwork subreddit. Evidently, this person is not too happy with the new WFH trend, and he wants everyone to know about it.

"I fear for some it has replaced hard work and graft!"

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The rant begins decently enough, acknowledging that "it's the perfect solution." Really though, this CEO should have quit while he was still ahead.

What will come from the WFH trend? Apparently it'll create "cotton wool wrapped people" who are "too entitled."

He isn't done.

LinkedIn rant against working from home
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Just in case you thought this CEO hadn't sufficiently buried himself, the rant has a whole second page. It's just as cringey, if not moreso, than the first page. He seems to think that all employees are crooks and need the structure of an office to stay away from a life of crime.

"We need to ensure that we aren't creating laziness and self entitlement, without the effort and the graft that should come with it!"

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Why do people want to work from home? According to this guy, it's because workers "can't be bothered and ... want an easier life!" What's more, this new "mentality" needs to be "controlled."

Has this boss checked a dictionary?

Definition of 'graft' from dictionary.com
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The boss referred to 'graft' as a good thing not once, but twice. "I fear for some [WFH] has replaced hard work and graft!" is one such quote.

Is it pedantic to point out that graft is really not a good thing, and certainly not a thing that a boss should want from their employees?

It's an absolute trainwreck of a rant.

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Fortunately for the CEO, his name isn't attached to the post, because he'd likely be dealing with some angry people if this information was public. Reddit comments ran the gamut from mocking him for the whole 'graft' thing to advocating for better working conditions.

What do you think?

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Employers have the right to expect a certain level of performance from employees, but employees can likewise expect a certain level of respect from their employers — and this rant shows no such respect.

Read through it again — because seriously, there's a lot to digest — and let us know what you think in the comments.