20 Employers That Tried To Pull A Fast One

A job posting requiring a master's degree but paying $15.29 an hour
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Work: it's something most of us would rather not do, but it's kind of necessary if you want to keep your bank balance in the black.

The world is full of good bosses and good employers, the kinds of places that'll pay you fairly and treat you well. But we're not here to talk about those bosses today. Instead, we're going to delve into the shady world of ludicrous online job postings.

"My dad's a photographer, this is his most recent client."

A job posting
reddit | jonnymoon5

I love the postings that promise to pay you in exposure. They imply it'll lead to better paying gigs, when in reality it'll lead you to more grifters who want to pay you in exposure.

"Job wanted: minimum 5 years experience and a list of requirements that would have cost a lot of time and money into developing. Payment: lol"

A job posting
reddit | MrILostTheGame

They list 'work from home' as a benefit. I know lots of people like working from home, but this is not a benefit. It's a way for the employer to not have to pay for your internet and your equipment.

"Pay us to work. Oh, and you don't get to watch the game."

A job posting
reddit | Dildo_Bagg1ns

Sure, you'll be juggling sweaty gear all day and won't get to watch the game, but you get to...pass National Championship trophies and Final Four floors from years gone by.

"From a local job posting page on Facebook, I knew I'd see something good on there eventually."

A job posting
reddit | schizopotato

Be a live-in nanny and pay for the privilege? Who wouldn't turn down this incredible offer?

"Let me help you by giving you work and no payment."

A job posting
reddit | MariusGMG

Some job postings just make me sad because they're so exploitative. The worst part is that sometimes, postings like this actually work.

"Ah yes allow me to work for 6 years to be our intern."

A job posting
reddit | emi1235

Unpaid internships appear to be on the decline, which is a good thing. People should be paid for their time, even if it's an internship.

"Guy wants to hire teenagers (13-19) to work on a 4 minute animation at $10 a minute while using a program that cost $73 a month. For context: at industry standards of quality a good animation at 4 minutes could take up to two months or more to be fully realized."

A job posting
reddit | elviscomputer

If this guy gets any good applicants to fall for this, he'll be able to produce Pixar-like features at a fraction of the price.

"An actual ad I saw on Craigslist this morning."

A job posting
reddit | Emil8ner

Does this person understand that you pay a graphic designer for one logo, not for 40? Does he understand that 25 cents per logo is not reasonable?

"I applied thinking it was going to be min wage but it’s even less than that. They literally want someone to work 55.48 a week or more in exchange for living there and some food allowance. No hourly pay. 24hr work for Sunday."

A job posting
reddit | FuzzyColorsArt

There's a disturbing number of postings that seem to think it's acceptable to offer someone a couch instead of payment.

"An employer with an insane list of requirements for a strenuous and dangerous job... That only pays $8.50 an hour."

A job posting
reddit | ScrotumSam

Having just started season two of Tiger King, this ad strikes me as one big red flag. Seriously, who in the heck is going to be responsible for caring for camels for $8.50 an hour??

This RUDE Indeed ad for The Buffalo Spot

A job posting
reddit | Hiachi20

Postings like this give you an insight into the boss' frame of mind. If the boss is angry before they even write the job posting, they'll probably be angry after you get hired as well.

"Silly millenials always wanting more."

A job posting
reddit | [deleted]

So you can't negotiate your dollar per hour pay and need to let this person run the forensics on your whole identity. Sounds like the deal of the century.

"Hahaha other 'light household duties' for $12/hr."

A job posting
reddit | praf_patel

This is a lot of words to say they want to pay someone very little in exchange for running the entire household.

"Taking a week to offer near minimum wage and then demanding immediate answer."

A job posting
reddit | Alexij

There's nothing like starting a job hunt and then finding people who respond on their own, extremely leisurely time.

"Karen wrote this job ad."

A job posting
reddit | Sapphirra

I'm sure anyone who runs afoul of this will be hunted down and imprisoned by the department of unemployment.

"Dude wants to hire someone to watch an hour-long podcast to then edit the best bits into videos for their TikTok channel. For $10. Then do it 4 more times. But only if you’re also a successful TikTok user."

A job posting
reddit | cruciblemedialabs

Have you ever edited a podcast? It's a long, boring process. If you're paid by the hour, you should be getting much more than this.

"Have experience welding and operating heavy equipment, work a horrible schedule in the worst conditions and we’ll pay you poverty level wages. Wonder why I never got a reply?"

A job posting
reddit | bustaacaps

This job has some benefits, but it's also offering lousy pay for the qualifications it requires.

"Everything about this job listing."

A job posting
reddit | caroliner416

I don't know where to begin with this one. No matter what the posting's for, is that pay scale correct? Like, if you're a really, really good candidate, you could make 50 cents an hour?

"Here's a beggar recruiter demanding top skill and equipment!"

A job posting
reddit | Kims77

So many employers want steak but are only willing to pay for a junior cheeseburger.

"Wants a master's degree for a minimum wage job..."

A job posting requiring a master's degree but paying $15.29 an hour
reddit | jdheddenyue

This kind of gets to the heart of so many job postings nowadays. You need years of work or school experience to even be considered, and the pay is absolute garbage.