woman marking door next to measuring tape
TikTok | @samanthalea96

Woman Divides People After Marking 6-Foot Point On Door To Catch Lying Dates

It's not as if it's impossible to find a considerate person that we connect with on the first try, but that's not usually how the dating world works.

And it's natural for people to discover they're not really compatible on a first date, but it's a different matter entirely when one of them feels judged before they even arrive or find out their date has been lying to them all along.

So while it's controversial to do this, it's not exactly unheard of for some people to craft little tests to see if the person they're meeting is someone they want to spend any serious time with.

And one woman's way of doing this has touched on one of the latest hot-button issues on dating apps everywhere. As you can imagine, that means it's sparked quite the debate.

On April 14, a woman named Sam uploaded a video to TikTok that depicted her marking a small line on her door frame.

woman marking door next to measuring tape
TikTok | @samanthalea96

Guided by a roll of measuring tape, she did this to clearly mark exactly how tall six feet is for anyone who comes through.

As she expressed in a caption on the video, this was done for the purpose of "fact checking guys we invite over from Hinge that say they're six foot."

And while this line appeared subtle enough that these men aren't likely to notice it, it was large enough for Sam and her roommate to see it.

woman marking door next to measuring tape
TikTok | @samanthalea96

And whether she was expressing how important this was to her or merely citing her source of inspiration, Sam put "You must be this tall to ride" in her video's description.

Since this is the only video on her account, it's hard to tell what her intentions were here, which led some viewers to come to an unpleasant conclusion.

Namely, that she was putting too much emphasis on her date's height and discriminating against guys based on one superficial trait.

As one commenter said, "But like most of us tweak our pics or use makeup for imperfections. I don’t get the obsession with height."

Another said, "This does not vibe with short king spring," a reference to a growing movement this spring to celebrate men of smaller statures.

But as far as others saw it, the problem wasn't the height of the men who would be caught in this web, but their dishonesty.

In the words of one user, "I’m 5’ 8” and when I meet in person I have to resist laughing because it’s so obviously they lied about their height. We are eye level, my friend. Why?"

And while one could argue that the lies come because some guys find that it's the only way to get their foot in the door after the question of height comes up, it's also a self-defeating response.

Because if nothing else, this video demonstrates that the people who care about your height will know if you're lying about it.

h/t: Ladbible