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18 Home Decor Trends Boomers Absolutely Love

I don't know about you, but I really appreciate Boomers. They're a great bunch, no? I mean, they lived a rich life full of challenges and amazing discoveries. Not only that, but they can teach us a thing or two. Don't you think?

But one thing we must agree on — their home decor leaves something to be desired, ha, ha. So let's discuss some of the things only a Boomer home has and have a good laugh.

This Painting Option

Thomas Kinkade painting in room
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"Thomas Kinkade painting in the living room. Thomas Kinkade's paintings are the easiest way to tell if I won't like someone."

Is that right? I have to admit I like Thomas Kinkade's paintings. They're so colorful and imaginative. No wonder Boomers love them, too.

Those Knickknacks

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"'Cute' knickknacks on the front porch and wall-to-wall carpeting."

Oh my goodness! I have to agree with that. Whenever you visit a Boomer's house, there are so many knickknacks. It's like you are visiting an antique shop. I kind of like that.

Pink Kitchen

"Yellow oak cabinets, pink in the kitchen that is called 'coral' or 'cranberry,' gold-colored fixtures, and knobs everywhere."

Wow, a pink kitchen, huh? That's definitely different, ha, ha. I have to admit that kind of style would take me some time to get used to it, that's for sure.

Wallpaper Crazy

"Wallpaper — everywhere."

Here's the thing about wallpaper — I hate it! We had some back in the day, and I wasn't a fan then. There's just something so odd about having it everywhere, hehe. And all the patterns were quite interesting, lol.



Just like wallpaper, a Boomer home wouldn't be the same without doilies. Am I right? We even had some in our home a long time ago. I'm so glad we got over this trend. No more doilies, okay?

Live Laugh Love

Live, Laugh, Love sign above a couch
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"Those 'Live, Laugh, Love' signs."

Truth be told, I was using this slogan a few years ago too. I know, it's so dated now. I kind of liked it for a while, haha. So what more can I say?

This Honest Fact

woman laughing
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"30-year-old adult children living in the basement apartment."

Ah, ha, ha, ha! That one made me laugh so hard. But it's true, though, right? It's a sure tale sign that you're visiting a Boomer home when an adult kid pops up from nowhere, and they're like, "Oh, yeah, he still lives downstairs." OMG!

Floral Couch Covers

floral couch
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"Covering ugly designed stuff with other stuff, like fridge cabinets or floral couch covers or wallpaper."

Oh my! Looking at this floral couch brings back so many memories. We used to visit my mom's friend, and she had her entire house covered in flowers like that. Yikes!

This Painting Style

painting of girl with big eyes holding a cat
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"The paintings of sad, big-eyed children that were popular in the '60s and '70s. A lot of people had them when I was a kid."

Oh, I had no idea this style of painting became popular back in the '60s and '70s. I became obsessed with it a few years ago, ha, ha. I even wanted to get a tattoo of a girl like that. Can you believe that?

Glass Door Display Cabinets

cabinet with figurines
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"Cabinets with glass doors and ceramic birds or figurines that are proudly displayed."

Yup, that is definitely one of the signs you are in a Boomer home, alright. I mean, if you collected all those figurines all your life wouldn't you want to show them off too, huh?

These Houses

woman saying "that's it."
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“Houses that look as if nobody lives in them, and Architectural Digest photo shoot stuff in fixtures and other things.”

Ha, ha, that one is so right. I always found it so odd. How about you? Perhaps they're trying to show off, huh?

Fake Flowers

flowers in a vase
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"Fake flowers. They can be tacky-looking, but I think if people are rocking the 1890s style with candlesticks and whatnot, it can work."

Well, as they say, if you do it right it might actually look good, haha. So good luck with that one.

This Accident Waiting To Happen

man knocking down an urn
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"The urn with the ashes of Aunt Chloe."

Oh my gosh! You better be careful there, hehe. The last thing you want is to knock that urn down and spill Aunt Chloe on the floor. My goodness!

This Kirkland's Obsession

home decor from Kirkland's
Kirklands | KIrkland's

"All the home decor comes from Kirkland's."

Wow, is that where it all comes from, huh? I had no idea. But now that I know, I can see the appeal. I guess I have a place to buy a gift if I need to, right?

This Spoon And Fork

giant spoon and fork on the wall
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"The giant-ass wooden spoon and fork on the kitchen wall."

Wow, that decor is kind of fun, no? I can definitely see people who are into that whole barn-chic look going for it, too. Heck, as I said, Boomers can teach us a thing or two.

Stacks Of Newspapers

stack of newspapers
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"Stacks of newspapers."

Well, what do you know, Boomers do like to read. So this is to be expected, huh? There was a time when I would collect newspapers, too. But I'm happy I got over it. Now I've switched to only books.

Huge McMansions

Giphy | The Pozek Group

"Ugly McMansions that don’t have an open concept."

I wonder what kind of decor these mansions have? What do you think? I'm picturing an indoor fountain and some crazy big foyer. Oh, and a huge stairwell that is pretty much a hazard for everyone.

This Cat Poster

Hang In There Cat Poster
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"In the 1970s, just about everyone had a poster showing an orange cat hanging onto a tree limb with the words 'Hang in there, baby' or sometimes 'Hang in there baby, Friday is coming.' It was hugely popular."

Haha, that is so cute. And now I want one.

So what do you think of this?

many closing a door on oder man saying "okay boomer."
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Do you think this is a pretty accurate description of a Boomer home? Well, you have to give it to them — they did have some very distinctive style ideas, haha. I don't know if I would implement any of them in my home, but it's fun to see them when you visit your relatives, no?