20 Genius Ideas That Are Really Expanding Our Minds

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A six pack of cans glued together with a strip of tape.
reddit | Away_Acanthisitta_97

It's not often you come across a design or a thought so brilliant, that not only do you take a moment to appreciate it, but you feel a sense of enlightenment even gazing upon it.

That's what the items in this list try to invoke, a whole experience where you can feel your mind expanding in all ways at once, taking in new perspectives and methods of problem-solving, real life-changing stuff!

"Drive-through speaker broke so they taped a baby monitor to it."

A drive thru monitor with a baby monitor taped to it.
reddit | whymustinotforget

So did they miraculously have someone coming into work that day who could bring baby monitors, or did the managers have these stashed away, knowing this day would inevitably come? Either way, it's smart, these speakers are basically just big baby monitors anyway.

"This grocery store has a full bar inside it."

A grocery store with a bar in it.
reddit | angrycatmeowmeow

Think about it, is there a chore that requires you to go outside that is better suited to down a drink during than grocery shopping? I think sipping on a margarita would make wandering the aisles a lot more enjoyable.

"Garage door on the corner of the building."

A garage door in the corner of the building.
reddit | gangreen424

The uploader went on to explain how, given the angle of the alley this garage is in, the orientation of this door is actually way more convenient for someone driving in. Other commenters explained how there's likely a lot more room inside if the car is parked diagonally in the center. It's a win-win!

"Taco spot has The Goonies playing in front of urinals."

A urinal with a screen above it playing The Goonies.
reddit | Ralfy_P

Whoa, what a high-end taco joint! Dinner and a show? Don't mind if I do!

Though, I do love The Goonies, there's no promising I wouldn't just stand there and watch the whole thing before remembering my family is still at the table waiting for me to come back.

"I got a cardboard bread tag instead of a plastic one."

A cardboard bread tab.
reddit | colin_powers

Huh. I never considered how much plastic waste those little plastic tabs probably cost. Seeing how much bread one household can buy in a year, it stacks up pretty quickly! This is a great way to reduce that.

"A rubber duck came in my 3d printer."

A rubber duck in a box.
reddit | UltimateYeet746

He's the repair man. If anything ever breaks, you just sit him in front of it and leave to let him do his business. When you return, the printer will be fixed and he'll be right where you left him.

"In Oslo airport there is spot that broadcast ASMR."

A station in an airport with a disc hanging above it.
reddit | SleepyBay

This seemed cool, until I read one comment that said, "Those who have been there know the terror of just casually stepping under it and hearing whispers of death come from nowhere."

I'll pass.

"[My] friend uses zip ties to fix his cracked bumper."

A cracked bumper held together by zip ties.
reddit | eelitism

This isn't a terrible idea considering zip ties feel like man's strongest creation that not even we can fight back against. There's a lot of them, and it seems like a tight hold. Whatever works!

"Went for dinner last night and our food was delivered by cable car."

A restaurant next to a cliff with a small gondola lifting up to their table.
reddit | leyland_gaunt

Wow, this looks beautiful! And does that mean you wouldn't have to interact with a waiter? Because I'm for anything that cuts back on the amount of human contact I have to make in a day.

"This UPS truck is pulling a UPS trailer behind it while delivering packages."

A UPS truck with a matching UPS trailer behind it.
reddit | The_Ry_Ry

They actually make delivery people go out with more than a truck's worth of stuff? Or is there just one, really large delivery in the trailer, like a car or a few of those cement balls they have outside of Target?

"The drain from this bubbler goes down to fill the dog's water bowl."

A water fountain with a dish for dogs to drink from built in at the bottom.
reddit | biglanga

A quick drink for you and your best puppy friend, what better way to bond than to copy each other's every move! Well, maybe not all of them, there's a lot that dogs can get away with doing in public that humans can't.

"This traffic sign in FL."

A lightup road sign that reads, "Use ya blinka."
reddit | hellojocelyn

Friendly, casual, and a reminder that way, way too many drivers need on the road these days. It's a micro-movement of your hand and it takes less than a second, all to help avoid an accident, why don't you people just use it!?

"Outdoors store near me has a rock ramp for testing hiking shoe fit and grip."

A small ramp with rocks on it.
reddit | Treagus

What a smart idea! I'm the opposite of an outdoorsy type, so this doesn't apply to me, but I can imagine it's pretty helpful for those that hike a lot.

To make a testing ground accurate to my life, I'd need to trial how easy it is to shove my foot inside without undoing the laces before I trudge out to my car to run 'mandatory' errands like 'groceries'.

"This McDonald’s in Amsterdam has a baby bottle warming microwave."

A microwave with "bottle warmer" on the side.
reddit | cunninglydingus

Seeing this makes me realize I've never, ever seen a bottle warming station at any restaurant before, let alone a McDonald's! It sounds like it should be common too, there are babies everywhere and they gotta eat on the go sometimes!

"Bought this purse made out of decommissioned fire hose and parachute silk."

A red purse.
reddit | SoophieArt

Wow! What a creative way to reuse a material most people wouldn't even think needs to be recycled, or wouldn't know where to begin when it does come time to replace them. Not to mention it makes a nice-looking bag.

"Cardboard rings for this 6 pack instead of the plastic ones."

A six-pack of cans in a cardboard frame.
reddit | thehow2dad

I was wondering when the replacements for the plastic rings were going to come into play! This looks like a perfectly effective alternative, and it's already flat so it's easy to store away in your recycling bin when empty.

"Carlsberg beers glued together with environmentally friendly glue to reduce waste."

A six pack of cans glued together with a strip of tape.
reddit | Away_Acanthisitta_97

Ooo, here comes a competitor to the previous cardboard frame! I hate to say it, but this one is a lot cooler, though more nerve-wracking. One of these could pop off at any minute, or the tape could break, it's scary!

"The knives at this London steakhouse are tiny cleavers."

A knife that's shaped like a little cleaver.
reddit | Keinen

This is a very cute and clever little design, but I have a bad feeling that because it looks different, I'd forget how to maneuver knives entirely and humiliate myself in this nice steakhouse.

"These batteries have a bitter coating to deter kids from eating them."

A duracell pack advertising a bitter coating to prevent babies from eating them.
reddit | RockyMountainOyster_

Does anyone else remember when the Nintendo Switch first came out and people learned that the game cartridges were also coated in a bitterant to prevent children from eating them, but all it did was cause a bunch of adults to lick their games to see how bad they tasted? Me too.

"This taco truck is actually a restaurant."

What looks like half of a food truck embedded into a building.
reddit | AmericanNinjaWario

Not only is it unique, but it certainly stands out! At least here against a strip of very cold, grey storefronts. Nothing wrong with introducing a pop of color! If anything, it brings a lot of life back!