30 Crappy Designs That Need To Go Back To The Drawing Board

We've all been there, minding our own business when suddenly we come across a design so terrible we don't know whether to burst out in laughter or silently sob.

Perhaps, it's a little bit of both. And once we've composed ourselves, only one question seems to linger in our minds — how was such a terrible concept approved by multiple eyes in the first place?

Honestly, we may never know the answer. But what we do know is that you really need to check out these serious fails for yourself.

A stove knob dangerously close to its burner.

We may only be three deep into our crappy design list, but we can confidently say that the proximity of this stove knob to its accompanying burner is ridiculously terrible.

Not only is the open flame cooking food, but it's, at the same time, toasting the metal knob which eventually becomes way too hot to handle with bare hands.

This leaves you with two options — either burning your lunch because you can't turn off the stove or burning your fingers as you attempt to not char your meal.

Nothing to see here, just a mailbox in the middle of a sidewalk.

Well...that's a pretty tiny sidewalk to begin with. But besides that fact, it was undeniably heedless of this homeowner to build the stoned mailbox in the middle of the narrow pathway, forcing those walking by to move around it.

Sure, it's not a huge inconvenience but it's definitely inconsiderate to others in the neighborhood.

Dobby may be free elf but he's a terrifying plush doll.

"This Dobby plush from Barnes and Nobles [sic] is staring into my soul," writes the Redditor who posted the creepy little elf to the internet.

And naturally, others were quick to voice their opinions of the fictional character brought to life.

"I don't know, if your [sic] behind the camera, he doesn't seem to be looking at you with either eye..." says Reddit user 1st_hylian, who makes a fair point.

Dobby does appear to have quite the lazy eye that makes it near impossible for him to stare into the original poster's soul.

This terrible design for an outdoor bench.

There are so many things wrong with this metal bench, but let's just point out a few of the most obvious.

Firstly, it's made out of what appears to be tread plate steel which is — unsurprisingly — not the most comfortable material to rest your tush upon.

And secondly, the metal will quickly heat up under direct sunlight to scorching temperatures sure to sear exposed thighs.

Individually sealed hot dogs in a package.

"Who decided to individually wrap this hot dog (came in a 10 pack)?" asks the Redditor who shares their plastic-sealed weenie online. "I almost put this over the fire!"

Well, we're certainly glad the poster spotted the peculiar packaging before beginning to roast the hotdog. Who knows what would have happened if they placed the wiener, plastic and all, over an open flame.

These packages of batteries that appear as if some AAs have gone missing.

On the subject of strangely packaged products, take a look at these "socially distanced" batteries.

Why waste all that unnecessary plastic for only two oddly spaced out AAs? We haven't a clue what the battery manufacturing company Nanfu was thinking with this careless design.

A flamingo really shouldn't stand in for the letter 'O' while welcoming people into your home.

Without any context, this flamingo welcome sign would read as 'Swelc Me.'

This is because the flamingo at the top of the wooden board almost seems to resemble an 'S,' whereas its smaller counterpart down below represents anything but the letter 'O.' Thus leading to one confusing as heck front door sign.

The poorly placed llama head on a ceramic mug.

Imagine bringing an adorable llama mug, which you spotted at a retail shop, home only to discover that its cute little animal head nearly gouges out your eyeball as you go in for a sip.

Well, that's the reality of one Redditor who experiences throbbing eye pain every time he enjoys a hot beverage out of his llama cup. Talk about a real eyesore!

This *very* open-concept bathroom.

We're all for open-concept designs that provide any space with a light and airy feeling. However, we draw a very firm line when it comes to public bathrooms.

Just take a look at what too much openness leads to, a very clear sacrifice of privacy in which anyone walking through this hallway gets a front-row seat to people using these urinals.

Yeah, that's a BIG no in our books.

This broken outlet.

Yeah, we're pretty sure that the outlet isn't supposed to look like this. In fact, it's probably more of an electrical and safety hazard than anything else.

Reddit user AShipChandler hilariously commented, "More like if there's a will there's a way... I mean you better have a will ready." Jokes aside, though, steer clear of that thing.

"Look to the Euture."

Quality control is a thing, right? So, someone would've had to have seen this and realized that the word "future" doesn't start with an E.

It's possible that the typo is actually some kind of stylistic choice, which would be equally as baffling, considering the fact that it would make no sense.

When photoshopping gets a little too out of hand.

It's never a good nor reputable sign when you come across a clearly photoshopped product while online shopping.

We've seen our share of poor photo editing, but this obviously fake suitcase cover certainly takes the cake.

It's as if the graphic designer didn't even try to make the image seem believable. We're honestly impressed that a company was brave enough to post such a terrible photo to the internet.

This restaurant that mistook a koala for a panda.

Okay, koalas really aren't that similar to pandas so we're not sure how exactly such an obvious mishap could have been made.

But Reddit, of course, wasn't lacking in the idea department. Plenty of users offered probable answers that upon further thought seemed to make quite a lot of sense.

"I'm honestly wondering if there was a mistake and they stuck to it due to costs," writes Redditor Johnny_Crisp.

And the more we thought about it, the more we realized that Johnny was likely correct in their assumptions.

A sort of violent scarf.

We couldn't help but notice that the price tag on this scarf reads $248.99. And while art is subjective and anyone can love anything, that seems like a little much for something that looks like it has blood all over it.

With all that red and yellow, though, it might have some upsides. "You can buy this scarf and also use it as a napkin at a summer grill party," Redditor deepwoods_cryptid commented. They're not wrong.

The faucet in a public bathroom that was installed with literally no purpose at all.

Seriously, we can't think of one reason why the tap was installed without a sink to catch and then drain all of its water. But some Redditors sure did.

"Considering the working tap is sensor-activated, they most likely decided to remove a sink, but didn't remove the tap for some reason," writes user MadocComadrin.

Yeah, we're not so sold on this idea. Even if the sink bowl was removed, surely the whole countertop would have been taken off and replaced. So why install the faucet back into the new sinkless slab?

We're puzzled.

Don't have time to take professional product photos? Stock images and a whole lot of photoshop should do the trick.

Okay, we take everything we just said about that previous photoshopping fail back. This online advertisement for a portable outdoor grill is so, so much worse.

Every single element of this picture was edited in — yup, that includes the four friends enjoying a picnic, empty tent, massively out of proportion grill, and array of fake food cooking over the faux flames.

And don't even get us started on the random gondola in the distance and flock of flying geese.

No this shirt isn't coffee stained, it's just *fashion.*

And by fashion, we mean the shirt was purposely designed to appear as if its owner was just splashed with a pail of rusty water.

Sure, style may be subjective. But at other times, it's just downright terrible. Sorry, not sorry.

A rather moldy sponge.

We're not the only ones who think this sponge looks like a block of moldy cheddar cheese, right? Ironically, it's supposed to be something you use to clean surfaces.

We don't know about you, but we'd find it really hard to want to clean anything with something that looks so dirty.

22 is on the bottom.

The person who posted this to Reddit, Eh_torta_ou_eh_reta, clarified in a comment: "I don't know, but here in my country (Brazil) we use 0 or T for the ground floor (térreo), and the garage would be G, or negative numbers. But for some reason in my building they use 22." So close, yet so far away.

A drawer that isn't quite right.

It looks like the person who installed this drawer didn't think it all the way through. If only it had a few more inches of space.

But not all hope is lost! Many comments on Reddit offered advice on how to fix this crappy design, including Redditor Miniac78, who said, "notch the screw holes so the fascia can slide to the side."

That doesn't seem right...

We're not all geography experts, but this doesn't seem accurate. That looks more like India than any part of North America, let alone Boston.

And we aren't spelling experts, but isn't it "Massachusetts," with two T's? This is just a horrible design all around.

These doors are just holding knobs...that's all.

They simply want to be together all the time, and we can respect their admiration of each other.

In fact, it's actually kind of sweet when you look past all the dents and scratches caused by the doors constantly slamming into each other at full force.

And of course, not the mention, all the frustration of having to pry them apart when their knobs refuse to release from each other's grasps.

A seriously soapy oversight.

This is a soap dispenser, which you know would be near water at all times. And yet, it wasn't completely water proof, and the batteries in the bottom got wet and rusted or leaked, which is just unsafe.

Not just a bad design, but a manufacturing error of some sort. It's a crappy design double whammy.

Creating a bike lane to encourage the sharing of main roads between cyclists and motorists went so, so bad.

Installing bike lanes onto main roads in a safe and effective way helps bicycles and drivers be more mindful of each other during commutes.

While some newly installed lanes are super well accepted, others can face quite a bit of backsplash. And it should come as no surprise that Reddit had some harsh comments about this ridiculously designed bike path that literally runs into a utility pole.

"Traffic engineers should have to go bike and walk these monstrosities that they create..." suggests user Must_Reboot.

Indeed they should!

This blocked bicycle path.

Things like this really make no sense. How can you expect someone to ride their bike in the proper lane if it's blocked off? It would've been so easy to just not put the barrier there.

This is definitely one of those designs where whoever was designing the path didn't think things through.

This home with a little *too* many windows.

Don't get us wrong, we live for soaking in as much natural light as possible in any given dwelling. But this may be pushing it a tad in the windows department.

We counted 18 glass openings on the front of the house alone. And all of them are so randomly placed and clearly without any real intention, which is such a letdown.

How are you supposed to read this?

We all know the popular saying, "not all those who wander are lost." It makes perfect sense to put it on a badge that looks like a compass. But the way it was done, in order to make the letters in each part of the phrase match the different poles, is more confusing than anything else.

An applesauce container that prevents the remaining bit from being scooped out.

"This applesauce jar has deep ridges on two sides and two huge overhangs on the other two - conspiring to make it impossible to get all of this precious sweetness out," writes the Redditor who posted their frustration to the internet.

And rightly so, this container design was pretty terrible. However, the user didn't stop there.

"And it mocks you with an obnoxious grating sound when you try to spoon the last bits out," the user continued. "Infuriating."

Infuriating indeed!

The terrible placement of this baby's head on water bottle packaging.

Although we have plenty of questions swirling around our brains as we stare at the horrifying scene before us, we'll simply only ask one — who looked at this design and thought 'Yup, this is the one?'

Clearly, everything that could have gone wrong with the art concept did. And when the first print was revealed, it should have been scrapped before it even had the chance to see the light of day, let alone make it to store shelves.

Wheelchair accessibility that isn't all that accessible.

There's so much wrong with this photo which reiterates the fact that ableism continuously leads to inaccessibility disguised as 'accessibility.'

"The bump alone isn’t the only crappy design," points out Redditor PittEngineer, who was quick to notice the far too common irony of creating an accessible space that can't be used by the disabled community.

The user continued, saying: "The doors open out, so when you are over there pressing the button, the door opens and seals you off from the entrance."

Clearly, not a single part of this design was created with wheelchair users in mind.

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