Women Share The Things Men Think Are Cute To Do But Are Really Super Annoying

Ashley Hunte
A woman with her hand over her forehead as if annoyed.
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You know when you tell a joke that you think is gonna land, but just gets you a bunch of annoyed groans from around the room? Yeah, that's kind of what it's like to be a woman who has to deal with the things men do that they think are cute.

So when a Redditor asked women to list things men do that they think are cute, but actually piss women off, there were a lot of examples.

"'You’re cute when you’re mad.'" - ancientamber

A woman in the middle of yelling, with both hands next to her head.
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No, that isn't the compliment some people seem to think it is. What it really is, is just plain condescending. It's also guaranteed to make a woman at least twice as angry.

"Being told to smile. Instant rage." - AuroraCloudberry

A woman pouting/frowning.
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I've worked retail. I've been told to smile plenty of times. It's definitely not the great, life-changing thing men seem to think it is. And again, it isn't something they'd say to other men.

"Catcalling, apparently." - Delicious-Carpet-3

A guy using a pointer to point to a stop sign.

"In high school I got into a really heated argument with a boyfriend because he insisted that women 'usually appreciate the compliment.' Several other girls jumped in to back me up and he still tried to tell us that we were wrong."

Yeah, no one likes being catcalled. It's weird that men think women like it.

"For being a girl you’re surprisingly really good at doing ____." - Sienna-hart

A woman tilting her head and saying "really?"
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Again, just very condescending. If a compliment seems backhanded, then it probably isn't a very good one. And this is a prime example of just that.

"Picking fights with people so you can demonstrate that you are a True Alpha Male." - Bizarre_Protuberance

Napoleon Dynamite slapping his brother and then running away.
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I think it should go without saying that people who pick random fights to show their dominance or whatever are just plain... weird.

"Making us prove we are knowledgeable whenever we like something that is traditionally 'masculine.'" - Poppiiiiiiiiies

A man asking, "can you prove it?"
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"I like soccer and one of my colleagues quizzed me on how many players are supposed to be on the field during a game. Not in a billion years would he have done that to another man. Still pisses me off up to this day."

"Saying, 'it must be that time of the month.'" - Lawgics

A woman in black and white asking "are you kiddin' me?"

Yeah... never say that to a woman, or to anyone who has periods. For starters, it generally... isn't. Also it's just a weirdly invasive, insulting thing to say to someone?

"Calling them 'baby' and 'sweetheart' like immediately after meeting." - DizzyZygote

A woman saying, "please do not call me sweetheart."
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"Ugh that is such a cringey thing to do when they aren't even aware of what your first name is."

Especially since they'd never say that to another man...

"Talking over us." - 24_monkeys

A woman saying "I love it when men talk over me in meetings... yes I said it first, but you said it taller!"
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"There is a guy in my history class who constantly interrupts me just to repeat what I’ve already said with bigger words that he’s using wrong. The teacher lets him do it and loves having him in class."


"'You're too pretty to work this job.;" - 1Small_Pink_Camel

A woman telling another woman, "that was not a compliment."
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"I heard this constantly from male patients when I was a paramedic. I was the youngest paramedic they had and I was one of the few women.


"Insulting other women’s bodies in front of us." - stagsinthehospice

Two people shaking their heads and hands while saying "noooooo!!!"
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"...All it does is put me in competition with others and makes me realise that if my physical traits were different, this man probably wouldn’t respect me half as much, or that I’ll be less attractive to him if my appearance changes."

"'Calm down' when you have any reaction…even just raising my eyebrows." - Shahmaan

A woman saying, "calm down, honey."
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"I am calm. But it’s okay when you get mad and punch a wall…"

100%. Never, ever, ever tell a woman to calm down. That'll just make everything worse.

"'Shouldn’t you be watching your figure?' When we’re eating sweets." - Passive_Southerner

A woman stuffing cake into her mouth.
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This is a very weird thing to say to anyone. Like, it's hard enough to exist in your own skin without people telling you how you should eat or look.

"Touching. You don’t need to touch my elbow, hair, shoulder or anywhere else without asking." - iamthatis4536

A woman saying "don't touch me" to another person.
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There are these really cool things called boundaries. I don't know if you guys have heard of them, but they're pretty important.

"Assuming and insisting we're mad when we're really not..." - gaydum

Jimmy Fallon saying "oh someone's mad!"
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"...which results in us being irritated and them saying, 'See! I knew you were mad' when we wouldn't have been mad in the first place if they stopped insisting."

Yeah like, insisting someone's mad is a surefire way to make them mad.

"Assuming we don’t know something, then proceeding to explain it when we did. Not. Ask." - TraditionalElk549

A woman turning her head while looking annoyed.
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Ah, mansplaining. It's even more annoying when they try to explain something you actually know way better than they do. Not even remotely cute.

"Will call men 'men' but women 'females' it just rubs me the wrong way." - ask_bee

A woman clenching her hand as if to calm down.
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Yeah. That's, like, super weird. I think because the word "woman" seems so normal, but "female" seems really detached and medical. Almost like they don't see women as people...

"Once had a guy in college tell me I’d be really hot if I put some effort in the morning." - Smartwentcrazy89

Dan Levy saying "don't do that."
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"8am class and I was a bartender with a bf. 100% dgaf about trying to turn you on bro."

What I'm getting from this is that men like to say really backhanded things to women for some reason.

"Making fun/bullying us about body hair." - Miku_tree

Two people shaving their legs while resting their feet on a coffee table.

One thing I'm very thankful for is the way society is beginning to move away from the idea that all women need to be shaving their legs and pits. If hair was abnormal, we wouldn't have it.

"Making misogynistic jokes, and calling it 'dark humour.'" - juicybunda

A man saying "relax. it's a joke." to another man,
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Maybe I'm just sensitive, but it kind of feels like a lot of people say really insulting things, and then try to pass them off as jokes. Almost like they've never heard a joke before in their lives.

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