20 Funny Moments That Were Also Strangely Shocking

Do you ever find that there can be a fine line between things that make you laugh and gasp?

With this idea in mind, from people who took revenge on their cheating partners in bizarre ways to individuals that were hilariously let down by their parents, here are 20 funny moments that were also strangely shocking.

Has Anyone Seen This Dog?

I tried to teach my dog how to open doorways into other dimensions, but it is really hard. Also, my dog can barely play fetch properly so this was a bit of a big leap in fairness.

"On today's episode of 'Extremely Poor Formatting'!"

Well, there is a certificate that you would not want to have hung on your wall if I have ever seen one! The person who designed this certificate should probably go on a few graphic design courses.

"My brother got this pizza when we were in Rome, Italy…"

Ah yes, Italy, the place where you can get truly spectacular pizzas unlike anywhere else in the world. And yet, this individual managed to find the single worst pizza in Italy.

They Really Committed To This Tattoo.

It is good to see that they did not let the discovery of their "wavy head" get them down. A sense of humor can get you through all manner of situations that you find yourself in!

"Ordered extra mayo at McDonald's, they went a bit overboard!"

Jesus and the Mary Chain, they really went at this poor burger with the mayo gun. Who would ever want that much mayonnaise on a burger...or on any food stuff for that matter!

"Taco Bell is not playing any games..."

I can imagine that for a lot of people, particularly those who are of a complaining disposition, this little note might come as a bit of a surprise. It is not wrong though.

"Happy Halloween!"

It looks as though that cat is thinking, "Seriously, Neville, this had better be the last time you make a joke out of my eye, otherwise I'll put a dead mouse in your mouth while you're sleep.

"Toddler learned how to use the microwave..."

Gordon Ramsey, eat your cold, robotic heart out! This kid is clearly going to be the next big name in cooking. Who else would dare to use such bold flavors as a shoe and some batteries?!

"My favorite photo I've ever taken is of a kid tripping into $100k car."

I love that you can hear this kid's parents just screaming off-camera through this image. How could this kid miss this car? It's bright yellow for God's sake!

"Yes, that is an emergency exit, behind which is a brick wall!"

I suppose that ghosts need to have an emergency exit as well! What else are they going to do in the event of a fire, just phase through it? Oh...wait a second.

That's Not What You Want To Find In Your Cupboard!

"I don't understand this new place we moved into. We keep the sink empty, take our the trash when it gets full, and vacuum daily. However we still have so many fruitflies. This is the amount we've caught on sticky paper in a week," wrote this person.

Another individual noted: "I tore my house apart trying to find the source of our fruit flies and I sprayed every drain every other day. Eventually I figured out they were living in the tray in my espresso machine."

"It is supposed to say trick or treat!"

Well, that definitely isn't what it says. I really cannot advise putting this outside of your house this holiday season, unless you want some really weird people knocking on your door that is.

"I did a double take on this one..."

Unless your name is Lazarus then I do not really see why this question exists. Unless it is designed to just try and weed out the people who are not taking the form very seriously?

"On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the pain."

This guy's self-confidence must have taken one hell of a mighty hit from this encounter. That is a remarkable amount of damage she managed to deal with just four short messages!

Now One Of Them Will Never Be Taken Off!

The individual who posted this explained:

"So about 6 years ago I lost my wedding ring. I ended up getting a tattoo rather than replace it. We have moved twice since then and live in a different state. My wife just found it in old purse."

"Our niece wasn't thrilled about the first kiss."

The photographer really captured the perfect moment here! As far as wedding photos go, this has got to be one of the best. One person did also suggest, "Make that same face when she gets married."

"My daughter when she said she wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween."

She looks very disappointed, but I am sure that her dad was made up with this pun. It is definitely a shocking costume... Yeah, I had to tie it in somehow okay? Get off my back!

"Wife left some hair in the shower, I retaliated..."

That is a pretty serious retaliation. Also, I have no idea how people take the time to pick up and handle hair in the shower to try and make things out of it, just get rid of it!

"Guess the guy before me was having a little trouble on the toilet..."

Some people have to turn to the power of prayer for help with all sorts of situations. I cannot imagine that this was a call that God was thrilled about taking though.

Revenge Taken The British Way...

Someone did suggest that this might just be a viral marketing campaign for a new dating app called "Thursday." If it is then that is some absolutely spectacular work from them, but I doubt it.

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