The Eeriest Things Children Have Said To Their Parents

Sarah Kester
Child from The Sixth Sense
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As sweet and innocent as kids are, there is something sinister lying beneath. 

This could be a child who's able to see ghosts (hello, kid from The Sixth Sense) or kids having imaginary friends (this includes befriending demons, like the one in Paranormal Activity 2). 

Some kids have also said some pretty creepy things. A viral Twitter thread had parents come together to share their stories. 

Even if it’s bright outside, get out your nightlight for this one. 

The sailor

Twitter user @lilahsturges kicked things off when she shared what her daughter said at four or five. She calmly insisted that she had once been married to a man named Brad Huffington. When her parents asked what happened to him, she sadly replied, “He was lost at sea.”

The sacrifice

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"We took my nephew (5 at the time) to the beach for a picnic. He immediately walked to the edge of the lake and just stared at it for a good half hour," this user tweeted. "We got lunch ready and told him to come eat and this little [expletive] slowly turns to us and goes,' the lake wants a sacrifice.'" NOPE.

The best friend

One person's three-year-old apparently lived a past life.

After their best friend died at 28, their child asked about them what life was like before they were born. In the middle of answering, the child says, "Yeah, I remember. We were best friends weren't we?"

The father

Unsplash | Rod Long

"My father died years before my son was born and we were estranged for years," one Twitter user shared. "Once, when I was putting my kid to bed he started to cry and said, 'You are a better dad to me than I was to you.'"

The burning world

One Twitter user shared a story of their autistic son who has significant speech delays. When he was three, he stood up in the middle of playing and said in a clear TV narrator voice, “The year was 2023. The world was burning.” Uh oh.

The conversation with God

The Sixth Sense
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"A friend's child insisted on sleeping with infant sibling, explaining, 'The baby still knows how to talk to God, and I am forgetting how,'" this Twitter user wrote. Stuff like this really makes you think.

The grim reaper

When a woman was at a funeral for their aunt who passed, their cousin was sobbing. Her son four-year-old son then looked at her and said, "I don’t know why you’re crying, you’re next." Guess who was the next family member to die? Her.

The rainbow baby

Unsplash | Omar Lopez

"I miscarried 'Peanut' at 15 weeks, the following year I had another baby," one woman tweeted. "When that baby was 4 I was walking out of his room and he said Mom I miss Peanut. I spun around and said I’ve never told you about Peanut. He said Mom I am Peanut."

The goodbye

When this Twitter user's sister was two, their mother heard her crying in the next room. When she checked on her child, she had a toy phone to her ear. She explained that she was crying because she was "telling daddy goodbye.” Tragically, her father offed himself two days later.

The hahas

Creepy monster
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"My 3yo would sit and stare at the same corner of the ceiling and say he was looking at the Hahas," this man tweeted. "Responding to questions, he said Hahas were all black, had no eyes, no face, but a big mouth, and sometimes they hang on the staircase too, and then we stopped asking questions." Ha ha... so funny.

Seven years

Remember the horror flick, The Ring? After watching a haunted tape, the girl from the well would call up her victims and tell them they had seven days to live.

Well, this oh, so lucky Twitter user got to experience that when a kid told them, "seven years until they bury you."

The cemetery

Giphy | Amy Winehouse

"My daughter, at 4, was looking out the window and asked 'where are all those people walking to," one Twitter user tweeted. "I turned to look and she was pointing to an empty cemetery."

The reincarnation

One Twitter user shared the story of her grandfather who used to take her to the river for picnics.

Well, when their son who's named after her grandfather was around four or five, he said, “Do you remember back when I was big and you were little and we used to eat lunch by the river?”

The stop sign

Unsplash | Ben White

"When she was 3 or so, I was driving and we stopped at a stop sign," one mom tweeted. "From the back, she remarks 'Oh, remember? You didn't stop before. That's where we died last time.'"

The upside-down people

The sixth sense on some kids is unreal! One mother's child somehow knew that she was going to have twins. He drew two tiny upside-down people on a family portrait.

The past life

Mom and son in The Babadook
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"Until my son was about 3, he used to casually refer to 'the last time I was alive' and things he used to do or people he knew," one mom tweeted. "Once he said 'i died in a fire...ugh, i did not like that.' eventually this stopped lol."

The fire

Yet another child with an insane sixth sense. When the dad was showing their three-year-old pictures of his family and got to a photo of his dad, the child said something shocking. He said, "I didn't get burned." Their father had died in a fire the day before their son was born.

The boy in the room

Mom and son in The Babadook
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"My daughter, at 4, called me into her room at 1 AM and told me she couldn't sleep because she was worried about the boy in the corner," this mom tweeted. "She pointed to the corner and said, 'Look at his eyes, Mommy. I think he's really sick. Can you hear his mother crying?'"

The people

Child from The Sixth Sense
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"My 3y/o sometimes refuses to sleep in my bedroom because 'the people' are in there," one mom tweeted. "And she randomly tells me people are knocking and asks why I don’t open for them in a video call she once asked why I’m alone and where 'the people' are."