Ukrainian man rescuing cats
instagram | @surovtsev.alexei

Ukrainian 'DWTS' Pro Shares Harrowing Videos Of Himself Rescuing Abandoned Pets

April 6, 2022

A Ukrainian man who became famous in his home country for appearing on Dancing with the Stars has gone viral yet again for what he's doing in the midst of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Alexei Surovtsev made his name on DWTS, but he's cementing his legacy by heroically rescuing dozens of cats and dogs left behind by families fleeing violence in the war-torn nation.

Ukraine has been turned upside down by the conflict.

A Ukrainian flag
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It's easy to forget that the same Ukrainians who are involved in the conflict were living normal lives just a few weeks ago. But when your country is invaded, it kind of means you have to drop everything.

Alexei Surovtsev made his name through...striptease.

Ukrainian DWTS competitor
instagram | @surovtsev.alexei

Surovtsev is an actor in his native Ukraine, but he's best known for appearing on his home country's version of Dancing with the Stars. He's apparently a three-time striptease champion as well, and was named as Ukraine's best stripper in 2007.

Now, he's rescuing pets.

Doctored image showing a cat in front of bombed-out Ukrainian building
instagram | @surovtsev.alexei

This image posted to Surovtsev's Instagram highlights the pets who've been abandoned in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The image might be photoshopped, but any time a war breaks out, pets do get left behind.

He's taken it on himself to rescue these animals.

Ukrainian man holding rescue cat
instagram | @surovtsev.alexei

In photos and videos from Surovtsev's hometown of Irpin, one can see the damage and destruction that the chaos has brought. In some videos, you can hear gunshots and mortars in the background. Surovtsev hasn't let that stop him from going into dangerous areas to rescue pets.

He's rescuing animals 'nearly every day.'

Thanks in part to his high profile, but mostly due to his heroism, Surovtsev has become a bit of a folk hero in Ukraine, with people dubbing him 'The Hero of Irpin.'

Pets are given a safe home.

Surovtsev makes every effort to reunite pets with their owners or owner's relatives, but this video shows that he's fully prepared to adopt them if he can't find anyone else.

It's a dangerous job.

Ukrainian man rescuing cats
instagram | @surovtsev.alexei

Anyone who loves animals will understand the impulse to save them from a dangerous situation, but actually wading into a conflict where people are dying is a move that takes tremendous courage.

He's worth following on Instagram.

Here's hoping Alexei Surovtsev is able to stay safe, because his heroism is special. Be sure to check out his Instagram (it isn't in English, but the pics make it all worth it), and then let us know your thoughts in the comments.