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Family Praised For Not Giving Up Land Despite Being Offered Millions

In life, you are always faced with choices. Sometimes, some choices are harder to make than others. For example, you may be faced with the choice of whether to give up something that means a lot to you for a big paycheck. While having a lot of money is a dream for many individuals, some things in our lives hold more value than money.

When it comes to things that hold sentimental value to us, homes are one thing that stands out.

family home
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When a family purchases a home or a piece of land, they usually pass it down through generations. Family homes have become a regular and common thing in society, where people inherit homes from their ancestors and even grandparents.

These places hold memories, love, and space in our hearts.

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When it comes to homes that are passed through families, they hold immense value in our lives and hearts because of all of the good times and memories shared there. It's not something that we easily would want to give up or give away.

Despite high paychecks and cash value, many families refuse.

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Even if people are offered a lot of money for their property, they oftentimes refuse to sell, due to pride, love, and admiration for their home. It's not an uncommon occurrence for residents to turn away property developers and companies who want to knock down homes for large commercial real estate buildings.

Even in the United States, people turn down property developers frequently.

The story of Edith Macefield, an 84-year-old woman who lived in a small home in Seattle, was shared all over the world after she refused time and time again to sell her small home to developers who wanted to build a mall on the block.

Even after Macefield's death, people protested and fought to keep the home alive.

Despite Macefield's passing, individuals became to know and love the home so much, that developers finally decided to keep the home standing after much public outcry and pleading. It shows that some things cannot have a price tag on them.

Such is true for one Australian family who has turned down a large sum of money for their family's home and land.

Huge Family Home
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The Zammit family, who owns an extremely large plot of land in Ponds, has refused to sell their two-hectare stretch of land. If you look at a birds-eye-view photo, one can see that the area has been an issue for developers, who feel they can get more for their money if they could purchase the property.

The property is a family-owned plot.

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The property itself has quite a large front and back lawn. In addition, it has a 200-meter driveway leading up to the family's brick home. Not to mention, there is a triple garage for their cars.

Around the stretch of land, you can see how many houses and homes were built.

Huge Family Land
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Looking at the space and area owned by the family, it's easy to see that developers are quite frustrated that they do not wish to sell. It is an area big enough to put up dozens upon dozens of homes, easily making for a huge cashout.

Despite being frustrated with the family, many developers also offer praise for their refusal to sell.

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Developers say that those who owned land similar to the Zammit family had sold "years ago" for high prices.

"The fact that most people sold out years and years ago, these guys have held on. All credit to them," Ray White Quakers Hill agent Taylor Bredin told 7News.

Property developers also admit that they could make "a million dollars" on just one block of homes built.

Huge Family Land
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"Depending on how far you push the development plan, you'd be able to push anywhere from 40 to 50 properties on something like this, and when subdivided, a 300 square meter block would get a million dollars," Bredin added.

It goes to show you that money does not always buy everything in life.

sentimental value
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Despite being offered millions of dollars, the Zammit family is still holding true to their desire to keep their family home in their name and possession. It just goes to show you that at the end of the day, money doesn't always buy happiness.