Woman Shares What She Keeps In Her Emergency 'Get Home' Bag Just In Case

Mason Joseph Zimmer
shoes and other clothes on car floor
TikTok | @perkyprepper

Although there are an alarming variety of dangerous situations we can find ourselves in, we can also discover that somebody out there has been through just about all of them.

And fortunately, they're often willing to share some potentially life-saving survival tips for the times our cars may be submerged or our homes may be at risk of an electrical fire.

But while a lot of this advice is made with the understanding that we may not have much on us in times of trouble, that doesn't mean we have to go around unprepared.

So rather than outline a bunch of scenarios where we may end up in peril, one woman is sharing what she has packed in a kit that's designed to get us through many of them.

Back in February, a woman who goes by Perky Prepper on TikTok went over what she keeps in her emergency "get home" bag that stays in her car at all times.

shoes and clothes on car floor
TikTok | @perkyprepper

Since this bag was packed for the possibility that we could be stuck away from home for a long time, the first thing she included was a change of shoes and a set of clothes that includes a hat.

Since one of the scenarios this bag prepares us for is a sudden and extended snowstorm, many of these items are supposed to keep us warm.

flashlight. blanket and other supplies on car floor
TikTok | @perkyprepper

That's why she included a blanket, hand warmers, materials needed to start a fire, and a set of waterproof matches.

And in case her troubles continue long into the night, she's also got a flashlight and a large glow stick.

And given how helpful our phones can be in an emergency situation, she also included a cord and portable charger to keep hers active.

phone charger, paracord and other supplies on car floor
TikTok | @perkyprepper

We can get a better look at some of her other tools in the full video, but we can also see here that they include a knife and a roll of sturdy parachute cord.

Of course, none of these tools will help us for long if there's no way to keep ourselves fed and hydrated.

For that reason, she also made sure to pack not only a bottle of water, but also water purification tablets for any other sources we happen to come across. She was also sure to include enough food for 48 hours.

And as we can see here, that's not all she's got in this bag.

So after assembling a kit like this yourself, you'll be in a position where you can give a more confident answer when she asks, "Are you prepared to get home safely?"