Woman Requires Emergency Surgery After Refusing To Fart In Front Of Boyfriend

Mason Joseph Zimmer
couple taking selfie together
TikTok | @cazakid69

Although our farts aren't the most pleasant parts of our existence, it's easy to underestimate how necessary they are.

So while certain social situations may compel us to hold in our farts, doctors will advise us not to make a habit of doing this.

Their advice usually centers around how pointless it is to do this since we'll just end up breathing out the same gases we'd otherwise pass, but one woman's story illustrates how serious a seemingly minor irritation can become if we don't take care of it.

Based on what happened to her, there's definitely something to be said for a couple that can navigate awkward situations together.

Over the past month, a woman who goes by CazaKid on TikTok has dropped some hints about how well her and her boyfriend are getting to know each other.

couple sitting together in restaurant
TikTok | @cazakid69

For instance, one video from the end of February told us that she's a lot quicker to cry than he was expecting.

Indeed, it's one of those things that can leave us concerned for our partners at the start of a relationship but blossoms into something we get used to as things move forward.

But by March 30, it seems that a lot of progress has made between them and they're largely out of their relationship's first awkward stages.

couple taking selfie together
TikTok | @cazakid69

At least, that's the first impression we would glean from this video that tells us as much in the caption we see here.

However, it only takes seconds for CazaKid to reveal that this comfort isn't as all-encompassing as it may appear.

Because it turns out that one line she didn't want to cross was farting in front of him and they apparently spend enough time together that this has had some serious consequences for her.

woman on face mask filming herself from hospital bed
TikTok | @cazakid69

According to her, this practice created enough pressure within her body that it was responsible for a serious inflammation in her appendix.

As a result, she had to get it surgically removed.

Although appendicitis is nothing new, we don't often imagine it as coming from a refusal to fart.

And it was just as shocking and sobering for CazaKid's followers as it was for her.

As one commenter wrote, "NEW FEAR UNLOCKED!"

Another said that she had been concealing her farts from her boyfriend for years, to which CazaKid replied that she should "get farting."

Who knew that would be potentially life-altering advice?