Dads Are Going Viral For Holding Their Partners' Bellies To Help With Pregnancy Pain

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Being pregnant is a journey that most women love. The path from pregnancy into motherhood is a sentimental and special time for many women. The feeling of having life within you and growing inside of you is something unlike any other.

Any woman who has given birth to a baby can validate that feeling of special bonding and also a connection from yourself to your unborn child, even if that child may not even be yours—such as surrogacy and adoption. However, being able to grow and create life is something like anything else.

While the journey is special, the pain sometimes is not.

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Despite the sentimental value that pregnancy brings into many women's lives, pregnancy is no easy task. Growing an entire human being inside of you is chaotic and straining on your body. For many women, the extra weight is something that becomes very bothersome and painful.

Many pregnant women experience back pain.

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Many pregnant women experience back pain because of their growing uterus. "Your expanding uterus shifts your center of gravity and stretches out and weakens your abdominal muscles. This changes your posture and puts a strain on your back," experts say.

Therefore, carrying around a huge bowling ball on our bellies can be extra hard.

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With the change in our body and posture, alongside the extra weight we are carrying with us everywhere—it's no wonder we are exhausted and in pain when we are pregnant. It's a lot of stress and strain on our bodies and many of us need some help every once in a while.

Recently, one TikTok user shared the ways to help your wife or partner when they're pregnant.

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TikTok user Daddy Newb shared a video on TikTok showcasing how fathers, partners, and men who love their lady friends can help support pregnant women. In the video, the TikTok user shares that if you really want to help ap pregnant lady, "gently lift her belly up."

Holding up her belly takes that weight off her back and shoulders.

pregnant belly help
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Holding her belly for a few moments takes about 10-15 pounds off of her back and her shoulders. It's clear that doing so relieves some pressure and tension from the pregnant mother's body and her mind, too.

However, the dad shared that women will be noticeably mad when you release their bellies.

Holding pregnant belly
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He warned men to "gently" release their bellies when they are ready so that they don't get a shock of pressure. However, you can see that the women are definitely going to be mad when they have to deal with the pressure again.

After sharing the TikTok video, tons of couples shared their own.

Many other couples began to share their videos of husbands and baby daddies holding their pregnant lady's bellies. In all of the videos shared, it's clear on every woman's face that relief is something they so desperately needed.

And when they have to carry the weight again...

In every couple's video, the moment that her husband lets go—you can see it all over their faces. Feeling that freedom and the lack of stress on your body feels so amazing, but when you realize you have to go back to carrying it all around again you feel as though you have been cheated.

Many TikTok users who aren't parents were scared beyond belief after watching these videos.

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After seeing how much pain these women are in and how bad their backs seem to hurt, many users commented that they "don't want to get pregnant" because of how bad it looks. While having a child to some sounds amazing, the pain of pregnancy seems to scare many young women away.

Overall, a lesson to be learned for men out there is simple.

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If your partner or wife is pregnant and she seems to be like she's in a ton of pain, try to help her out. Grab her belly for a few moments and let her get some relief from carrying your child around all day long. She will be thankful and grateful that you wanted to help her.