Kangaroos Rescued From Besieged Ukrainian Zoo In Heartwarming Video

Mason Joseph Zimmer
kangaroos huddling in the back of moving van
Facebook | Фельдман Экопарк

More than ever, we're seeing animal lovers come together in big and ambitious ways to save critters in need when disaster strikes.

As we've seen in recent weeks, even the chaos and tragedy of the invasion of Ukraine hasn't made some dedicated citizens there forget about the animals in their lives. That's become clear in a story that saw a woman carry her old dog for 10 miles during her journey to safety and in another that saw a cat cafe stay open during the carnage to care for the felines inside.

And judging by the story we're about to go over, it seems that the zookeepers of Ukraine are just as brave and passionate when it comes to the animals they're responsible for.

We'll also soon see that they had all the reason in the world to be concerned.

On March 26, the Feldman Ecopark zoo in Kharkiv, Ukraine uploaded a video to Facebook featuring a man driving a van full of live kangaroos.

man in sunglasses and baseball cap driving van
Facebook | Фельдман Экопарк

As Insider reported, these kangaroos had to be evacuated due to constant shelling in the city that has since reached the zoo's grounds.

In the words of the driver we see here, "Today is a month since the beginning of the war, and we're continuing the evacuation of the animals."

Although zoos throughout Ukraine aren't necessarily a target for invading Russian forces, they've nonetheless found themselves caught in the all-encompassing crossfire.

man in sunglasses and baseball cap giving a thumbs up while driving van
Facebook | Фельдман Экопарк

And according to Insider, the staff of these zoos are undertaking some serious personal risks to ensure the animals in their care remain as safe as possible.

This is particularly true at the Kyiv Zoo, which director Kirill Trentin said has recently seen zookeepers and their families move in so they can watch over its 4,000 animals while "tracer ammunition was flying all over the zoo."

As for Feldman Ecopark, the caption of the video capturing the kangaroo rescue effort explained that all of the animals we see here are now safe.

kangaroos huddling in the back of moving van
Facebook | Фельдман Экопарк

As the post stated, "This is very nice, because their enclosures, unfortunately, were repeatedly shelled. We believe that now they will be fine!"

That appears to go for all of the zoo's kangaroos, who have since been relocated to an undisclosed location.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for all of the zoo's creatures.

kangaroos huddling in the back of moving van
Facebook | Фельдман Экопарк

As a representative from Feldman Ecopark explained in a separate post, the shelling had claimed the life of a mandrill named Stepan as well as four deer and three goats.

Stepan was considered a favorite resident of Feldman Ecopark among Kharkiv locals and the zoo's international guests.

However, footage of the more positive outcome for the kangaroos can be seen here.

h/t: Insider