15 Women Share What Hobbies Affect Their Opinions On Someone

Jordan Claes
Women sitting on steps
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Hobbies are an important aspect of our personality. They not only reflect our keenest interests but also serve as a commentary on how we choose to interact with the world around us.

Everyone on earth needs a hobby, but sometimes people can take them too far. It's in this spirit that these 15 women of Reddit share which hobbies may wind up affecting their perception or opinion of someone.

A real pain in the glass.

empty beer bottles
Unsplash | Adam Wilson

Reddit user DeSterrennacht said that her uncle has a massive collection of vintage soda bottles. His house is positively packed with hundreds, if not thousands, of glass bottles. Needless to say, it's drastically affected her perception of him and men like him.

Remnants from the Civil War.

Civil War reenactment
Unsplash | Chris Chow

Reddit user Dr_Julian_Helisent says that she'd never date or befriend anyone who collected Confederate reenactments. She says anyone who would willingly hold on to such a dark time in U.S. history is someone she wants nothing to do with.

"I couldn’t date a man that hunts. I understand it, I respect it, but I just couldn’t emotionally handle that." - Reddit u/labyrinthlilith

Hunter catching bird out of the air

I would have a hard time dating a hunter as well — especially someone who did it for sport. It's one thing if you're taking an animal's life for survival purposes, but I want nothing to do with someone mounting antlers on the wall.

Anyone who's into hardcore LARPing.

Unsplash | Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee

For those who didn't grow up playing D&D in their parents' basement, LARPing stands for Live Action Roleplaying. Reddit user HAxoxo1998 says that she admires the tenacity, but it just isn't for her.

Gearheads and car guys can just keep on driving.

yellow Lamborghini
Unsplash | Marcus P.

"Car guys think they're going to get a hot chick because of their car. But in reality, car guys are only out to impress the other car guys." - Reddit u/user

Anyone who tries to pass off taxidermy as an art form.

deer head stuffed on wall.
Unsplash | Jon Tyson

Redditor Marriane_Deer is the first person to acknowledge the skill that goes into this hobby, but at the end of the day — your house is still filled with dead animals. It's creepy, no matter how you slice it.

Cooks or bakers.

cook in the kitchen
Unsplash | Elevate

I personally don't understand where Reddit user Quietcatslikemusic is coming from with this one. I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with someone who knows how to bake you chocolate chip cookies from scratch?!

People who are obsessive about crypto and NFTs.

crypto coins
Unsplash | Art Rachen

Don't get me wrong, any hobby, when pushed to excessive limits, can be harmful. However, saying that you're not a fan of crypto or NFTs, like kittencollege, is akin to declaring that you're an out-of-touch dinosaur who's afraid of their computer.

Anyone with a gun collection.

M-16 rifle
Unsplash | STNGR Industries

The gun debate cuts differently, depending on the country/state you happen to live in. But for me, as well as Redditor UltimateAlpaca, it's a very clear and significant red flag. I personally couldn't sleep knowing that there was a gun in the house.

"Guys who watch a tonne of anime. I know that's[sic] judgy but anecdotally I’ve just had a negative overall experience with that." - Reddit u/MusicianExtension121

'Naruto' running

What classifies as "a tonne of anime"? I'm asking for a friend. Also, do you consider Studio Ghibli films to be anime, or are you more so referring to series like Dragonball Z and Naruto?


gaming PC set up
Unsplash | ELLA DON

Reddit user sem_12 isn't a fan of guys who are utterly obsessed with video games. She feels that any man who screams at their television and breaks household items, all over pixel masses on a screen, is stuck in a state of arrested development.

Anyone with a massive shoe collection.

Orange Air Force sneakers
Unsplash | Lefteris kallergis

Reddit user LostGirl111 is at a loss when it comes to sneakerheads. She simply can't justify spending a fortune on shoes that never get worn and do nothing but take up closet space.

Dolls are a deal-breaker.

doll faces
Unsplash | Tapio Haaja

Redditor Glowflower remembers that when she was a kid, her grandmother had a massic collection of antique dolls. It made sleeping at night next to impossible, due to the fact that she thought she was in some kind of horror movie.

Fantasy Football.

Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines throwing tablet.
Giphy | Dynasty Drunks

Reddit user thiswitch333 says that if being a football fan is any aspect of your personality then she wants nothing to do with it. On behalf of myself and the legions of Fantasy Footballers — we want nothing to do with you.

"Collecting Funko pops, toys, and/or action figures, especially if they're an adult." - Reddit u/Obversa

funko pops toys
Unsplash | Antonio Scalogna

I understand how a man who collects toys might seem offputting, at least on the surface. But some of those things are worth series cash! If only I'd held on to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from childhood, I'd be well on my way to becoming a millionaire!

h/t: Reddit

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