20 Online Shopping Fails We Can't Help But Laugh At

Ashley Hunte
A person at a laptop, browsing through an online store webpage.
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Online shopping can be a real gamble. Sometimes, you'll see something you really like, order it, get it shipped, only for it to come in completely different from the picture.

And while that sucks, it's also pretty funny. Which is why we really couldn't help but laugh at these pics. Let these shopping fails be a lesson to you.

"What I bought vs what I got, thanks Amazon!"

An image of a cool lamp with different strips of light in a pentahedron shape, and an image of the "actual" product which looks much less impressive.
Reddit | JohanTravel

The picture from the listing makes the lamp look so cool! The lamp OP actually got is... well a lot worse. It's kind of sad, actually. And it looks a lot smaller, too.

"A while back, I ordered the figure on the left. Amazon sent me the one on the right instead."

Two anime figurines. The first looks normal, while the second is visibly much smaller and painted badly.
Reddit | Beautiful_Fishing569

I wish I could say I've never been duped by the promise of a nice collectible for a decent price, but I have. It didn't sting nearly as much as this, though.

"So I ordered a Knuckles plushie on Amazon."

A cute Knuckles the Echidna plushy, versus one that... doesn't look right.
Reddit | Beautiful_Fishing569

Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles doesn't chuckle. Well, the one on the right looks like he does... a lot. An annoying amount, probably. Just ain't right.

"Disco pants from Amazon."

An ad for white disco pants, versus a person actually wearing them, showing how poorly made they are.
Reddit | GayTX

If this picture tells us anything, it's that there is such thing as high waisted pants that are too high. This is... honestly just tragic. But it was purchased from Amazon, so.

"The Rolling Stoner."

An Amazon page for a Rolling Stones shirt, versus the actual shirt, that reads, "The Rolling Stoner."
Reddit | Soakd

It's not like S and R look that much alike, so I literally have no idea how they could mess it up so badly.

I'm sure some people would actually appreciate the typo, though...

"I feel like the horse on the right... Thanks Amazon!"

A horse relief statue, versus the actual product that looks far less impressive.
Reddit | LeRi1122

I, too, feel like the horse on the right, and I didn't even order this! I can't get over how the actual product strayed so far from what the listing showed. It's tragically hilarious!

"Ordered stuff for my Instant Pot... Box shows what I ordered... SURPRISE! Got a napkin holder."

A booklet showing Instant Pot accessories, versus the napkin holder that was included in the box.
reddit | nursejamimae

I've been sent the wrong thing from Amazon before, but not in the box that shows what was actually ordered. This is kind of a slap in the face. A funny slap in the face, of course.

Is it just me or does the napkin holder look used?

"My wife ordered a backpack from Amazon to use as a carry on. Cat for scale."

A product page for a JanSport backpack, versus the actual product, which is small enough to fit on a cat's back.
Reddit | Risky_Clicking

I know that mini backpacks are a trendy accessory these days, but this is just ridiculous. It looks like that cat would get a lot more use out of it than any human.

"I ordered a felt fox online."

A cute felt fox with a happy expression on its face, versus a low-effort version of the same animal and pose.
Reddit | HerminaFierro

That first fox almost looks too good to be true. And apparently it was, considering how different the second fox ended up being. At least it's skill kind of cute?

"It is my mother's 45th birthday today, so I ordered her a nice £25 bouquet off Eflorist..."

A thin bouquet of white roses where half of them haven't even bloomed.
Reddit | moibanana

For context, that's around $34 USD. And... yeah, that doesn't seem right for the flowers OP got. Half of them haven't even bloomed!

"An online listing vs. what was actually delivered."

An intricate car engine model listed online, versus the actual product, which is a lot simpler and less impressive.
Reddit | ign1fy

Not only is the actual product a lot smaller and less intricate, it's also kind of ugly. On the plus side, it's not like it was that expensive, all things considered.

"I ordered clothes on an online store after clicking Instagram store ads."

A denim dress with a floral patter painted on it, versus the advertised pic showing embroidery on the dress.
Reddit | magnum1odd

This is so rude. The ad makes that dress look so pretty and nicely made. The actual dress is just plain ugly, no doubt about it.

"This will teach me to trust buying shoes online from new websites."

Boots listed on a website, versus very different-looking boots that a person got sent to them.
Reddit | janeventure

At least most bootleg or fast fashion stores will make their products kind of resemble the product pages. These boots are... well, they look nothing alike. Could it be an item sent by mistake?

"Only a lil more work to do."

Two Facebook posts showing a person's tattoo idea, versus what they actually got.
Reddit | tshweleb

The original tattoo is pretty nice, but what this guy got is... nothing like it. I think it's going to take a lot more than a "little" work to finish it. Technically, this isn't an online purchase, but it's too crazy not to share here.

"Hairbands on Amazon. Just need to turn the saturation up a little bit in real life."

An ad for brightly coloured har ties, versus the actual ties, which are a lot paler.
Reddit | _deprovisioned

Man, even the package is a lot paler than the one in the ad. It makes me kind of wonder if they just, like, left this pack out in the sun for a few months or something.

"This lion dog toy my mom got on Amazon. Dog loves it but I can’t stop laughing."

A strange, slightly deformed dog toy made to look like a lion.
Reddit | rats4lifes

This has got to be one of the ugliest dog toys I've ever seen in my life. On the plus side, the dog won't care. In fact, if the dog loves it enough, it'll just get uglier.

"So my mom ordered a Memorial Day wreathe for my grandpa, who is a Vietnam Vet..."

An eagle wreath that looks regal an well-constructed, versus one that looks like it was made out of construction paper.
Reddit | Few_Plum_7505

I really hope the mom decided against giving that as a gift. Like, the differences are so obvious that it's actually hilarious. I honestly can't stop laughing at this.

"Ice Cream Cake from Baskin-Robbins."

A cute heart-shaped cake with ice cream cone designs on top, versus a similar cake with uglier cones.
Reddit | gingerlovingmeow

I guess the cake decorator they had at this particular Baskin-Robins wasn't trained very well. A normal cake probably would've been better.

"This is how Amazon delivered my body wash. I wonder what are they expect me to do?"

Two images of packaged jars of Cajun Injector Creole butter.
Reddit | ydw1988913

Something tells me you shouldn't try to use this stuff as body wash. I mean, unless you want to smell like Creole butter.

"I keep trying to order Zatarain's Cajun Injector Creole Butter, but I keep getting soaps."

Several bottles of Nivea men's bodywash.
Reddit | enderr920

Hey... wait a minute! One person got the Cajun Injector Creole Butter when they wanted the body wash, and the other person got the body wash when they wanted the Cajun Injector Creole Butter.

Somebody mixed up a couple of SKUs at the Amazon warehouse.

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