A Ukrainian village
Unsplash | Eugene Krasnaok

Band Of Ukrainian Women Promise To 'Destroy The Enemy' In Viral Video

The strength we've seen in Ukrainian citizens and soldiers as this war rages on has been astounding. So many people taking up arms in order to defend the country that they so love is nothing short of inspiring.

Though it was formerly mostly men joining the battle, the time has come for women to begin backing them up, including these seven women featured in a powerful video.

A video originally posted to TikTok has gone viral.

Seven Ukrainian women in military gear.
instagram | elementzenski

The video showcases seven Ukranian women in full military gear standing in front of Ukraine's blue and yellow flag. Their faces are covered, but they show no sign of fear or uncertainty. The woman in the middle delivers a speech regarding their intentions.

"We are women of Ukraine," she begins.

A Ukrainian building with blue/yellow painted on it + some sunflowers.
Unsplash | Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

"We have blessed our men to protect our land. We have already taken our children to safety."

After reiterating that the future of their country, the children, are safe elsewhere, she says, "We join the men and the Ukrainian army."

That's right, this video is showing the strength of Ukrainian women joining men on the front lines.

Ukrainian village.
Unsplash | Eugene Krasnaok

"We will destroy the enemy on every inch of Ukrainian land," she promises, "in every city, every village, forest, and field."

"For every child, woman, old man, ruined house, street, even barn- we will shoot you like rabid dogs!"

You can hear the passion in her voice as she speaks her anger towards Russian invaders.

The video ends with the main woman saying, "Glory to Ukraine!" The rest of them then cheer, "Death to enemies!"

Their vows likely echo the sentiment held by all Ukrainian soldiers, and all citizens elsewhere in the world watching their country being fought for every day.

h/t: Daily Mail