Bathroom in thin hall
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19 Home Design Fails I Can't Stop Thinking About

We get it: home design isn't easy.

No one can be as talented as the stars you see on HGTV, like Jonathan and Drew Scott from the Property Brothers or Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper

However, there really is no excuse for the 19 design fails below. Even a beginner contractor would hopefully avoid making these same mistakes!

What a crappy home

Home with "poop" written in windows
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The contractor of the house sure had a laugh over this one! He may be 40, but that will never stop him from giggling over the word "poop" or adding the word onto the homes he works on.

No, you're not seeing double

Symmetrical bathroom
Reddit | bfuqa6

"We were looking at houses in Baltimore this weekend and came across this gem," this Redditor wrote. "There is no mirror in the middle, it's a completely symmetrical bathroom that 2 people can use the toilet in at the same time." Why let years of marriage ruin intimacy? This bathroom does just the trick!

Hit the nail on the head

Nails in floor
Reddit | Reddit

And we thought upstairs neighbors were bad, what with their elephant stomping all day and night.

Then again, maybe this is revenge from the downstairs neighbors for all the stomping?

The landlord special

Reddit | NotMyJob

"Landlord hung the microwave. This is as far as it opens before hitting the wall," this Redditor wrote. There's only one solution here: knock the wall down beside the microwave to open up some room. Call it the tenant special.


Stairs made with wigs
Reddit | Reddit

Just why. We need to know what inspired someone to create this nightmare that looks like Cousin It from The Addams Family.

One wrong slip on this glossy hair and you're taking quite the tumble.

The under the stairs bathroom

Toilet and carpet wall
Reddit | shitty_housing

"My friend's under-the-stairs 'bathroom' where the toilet is diagonal and partially installed into the carpeted wall," this Redditor wrote. Nothing like some odor-absorbing walls to really liven up a space!

The blueprint

House blueprint
Reddit | Reddit

Did they mean blooper-print when they made this? It can't be real. Based on this design, you enter the front door, awkwardly sidestep your roommate as they go no. 2, and then enter into the living room.

There is one perk, though. Since your car sits right in your kitchen, there's no need for a table!

The open-concept

Home with open bathroom
Reddit | Reddit

"My uncle’s house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house," this Redditor wrote. And he wonders why no one ever comes over...

So relaxing!

Jacuzzi falling down from home
Reddit | e2hmhm

This bed and breakfast with a hot tub outside their window was just what Martha and Tom needed for a relaxing weekend away. Even with the wood bending and the water splashing out like the Titanic, they felt ready for a dip!

The black mold

Reddit | Reddit

"This entire kitchen’s counters and backsplash are covered with this 'faux mold' tile," this Redditor wrote. Whoever designed this tile is crazy. It's going to be really hard to spot the real thing.

Back it up

Bathroom in thin hall
Reddit | b7rjsb

Don't have a panic room you can go panic in? This will do! It's the ultimate anxiety-inducing nightmare that doubles as a washroom. Just keep backing it up your butt will eventually find the toilet.

cue uncomfortable eye contact

Bathroom door
Reddit | Redditgpsb8k

"The bathroom door of the new place my girlfriend and I just moved into. I was sat at the dining table when I took this," this Redditor wrote. Well, this is one way to really get to know someone!

The shock

Sink with outlet in it
Reddit | hini1l

This one's pretty shocking — literally. Was this really the best place for this? It goes against everything we've been taught about electrical safety. There's even a power outlet right above this monstrosity. shrugs and plugs hair straightener in anyway

This really sucks

Ceiling fan
Reddit | heqc92

"The raised cutout of this ceiling doesn’t allow the fan to suck in any air," this Redditor wrote. That certainly defeats the purpose, indeed. These folks are going to miss out on this cool ceiling fan tip.

The carpeted bathroom

Carpet bathroom
Reddit | cpurg1

Bacteria and mold are practically licking their lips at this photo! There are just so many opportunities for them to grow! and it can happen, time and time again, anytime the homeowner decides to take a bath.

The kitchen toilet

Toilet in kitchen
Reddit | Reddit

When people said you shouldn't crap where you eat, we thought they were talking about not dating someone from the same apartment building as you! Clearly, we were wrong. Case in point: this kitchen toilet.

The 10-foot jump

House with tall window
Reddit | e2fo0m

"Imagine being a firefighter and entering a dark smoke filled house from the outside through this window," this Redditor wrote. This is true. Without a pole there, the firefighter won't have any clue how to get down.

Take a dip... down the stairs

Bathtub on top of stairs
Reddit | cl74pp

This isn't what our therapist had in mind when she suggested we take more relaxing baths for self-care. You feel like your walking the plank right after. Not to mention, the awkwardness of your dad passing through to the living room.

The purpose is lost

Shower with curtain blinds
Reddit | kc2v7r

Imagine all bathrooms were like this? The water would go everywhere, you could never take a shower while your partner brushed their teeth, and the infamous shower scene in Psycho wouldn't be possible.

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