20 Creative People Who Can't Stop and Won't Stop

A woman styling a man's leg hair
reddit | petestrumental

What can you do with creativity? Well, some people, myself included, barely have enough to do anything with. Others might make a career out of being creative, while some merely dabble.

We're not saying that everyone here is the most brilliantly creative person in existence. But they're at least a little bit impressive.

"This guy at Walgreens wearing a backpack with a ferret inside."

Man wearing backpack with ferret inside
reddit | knight_who_says_knee

As if being the guy with the weird bubble pet backpack wasn't enough, this guy has upped the ante by putting a ferret inside.

"This counts, right?"

Shelves built out of a modified shopping cart
reddit | LinuxUser13301939

I'm not sure if the rustic shopping cart decor is necessarily my style, but it's hard not to appreciate the creativity at play here. And it's obviously doing the job it was intended to do, so how bad could it be?

"This guy mowing the bus stop."

A worker on a ladder mowing the lawn on top of a bus stop
reddit | _ChipSkylark

Not many of us go to work every day, climb a ladder, then cut the grass on top of a bus stop, but this guy sure does. That's the cost of creatively topping a bus stop with sod, I suppose.

"Free tattoos anyone?"

A tattoo reading 'Only judge can god me'
reddit | El-Chico-6

I desperately want to believe that this guy wanted the tattoo done this way, because if he didn't, that's a big error to wear for the rest of his life — or until he can afford laser removal or a super talented cover-up.

"Going through an old family album, apparently my brother looked like Andy Samberg 30 years ago."

A vintage photo of a man who looks like Andy Samberg
reddit | Tweetystraw

There's something about the aesthetic of early '90s school portraits that just resonates with me. Add an Andy Samberg doppelganger to the mix and it's even better.

"They thrash 'different' up north."

A metal-themed Celine Dion vest
reddit | FDR-9000

I won't listen to anyone who tries to say Celine Dion isn't a Canadian national treasure. She deserves all the adulation, even if it's a tad weird.

"How my girlfriend slices onions…"

A woman wearing goggles while slicing onions
reddit | louie0027

They say that if it looks stupid and it works, then it ain't stupid. How about if it looks super cool and it works? It still might not be super cool — but that's not the important part of the equation.

"Real question."

Man holding a sign reading "Why is beer $14?"
reddit | querulouscommission

When I go to a sporting event, I'm pretty much resigned to spending a hundred bucks and getting two beers and some nachos, but this free thinker is willing to challenge the status quo.

"Coworker kept taking my hole punch... well not anymore."

Hole punch with a padlock on it
reddit | Hunter_Rodrigez

I don't want to call this incredibly passive-aggressive, but I don't really know any other way to characterize it. At least it works, even if you have to unlock it every time you need to punch a hole or two.

"The legs on this table in the Idaho State Capitol Building."

Shoe-themed table legs
reddit | peredaks

When you see antique furniture, the odds are pretty good that the original craftsman is long dead. But just in case the person who made this table is reading Diply, I just want to tell them that they did a great job.

"Propagating plants in potty chair?? Strange upcycling."

Plants growing in a potty chair
reddit | whiskeyaussie

Look, potty chairs and toilets are a great source of fertilizer when you really think about it, but that doesn't mean that this is a good idea.

"Public service announcement: please don't crochet baby dolls."

A creepy crocheted baby doll
reddit | licoricegirl

I would never, ever, ever want this anywhere near my home. That said, I kind of have to appreciate the creativity, and the amount of work it took to make this.

"Knock it off and stab yourself multiple times!"

A dangerous homemade knife rack
reddit | KobraC0mmander

Some people like knife blocks, while others go for magnetic knife strips. The third category opts for whatever this is. I have to assume that steel-toed shoes are mandatory footwear in this kitchen, just in case.

"What in the heck."

A strange-looking custom car
reddit | iRottenEgg

It kind of looks like a smaller car drove into a larger car so fast that they just morphed into one car. It's a solar-powered success, but at what cost?

"Stapled a piece of felt to my desk because I didn’t have a mousepad, works like a charm."

Makeshift mousepad (felt stapled to desk)
reddit | TobyeatsfAtcoW

If you have a smooth workstation, you probably don't even need a mousepad. But if you love that comforting mousepad feeling, you could do worse than this.

"Chicken lamp. It’s hideous but I want it."

A chicken-themed lamp
reddit | NightOwl0920

There's nothing like the bright glare of a lightbulb with no shade combined with the aesthetic of staring at a chicken's butt.

"Redneck fire alarm."

Jiffy Pop attached to a wall as a makeshift fire alarm
reddit | keith2301

I'm pretty sure this is basically just a joke, but it would work — once the flames got high enough to get up here.

"Replaced our hand soap (right) with a replica carved out of a potato (left). Lets see how many days it takes until somebody notices."

Potato carved to look like soap
reddit | CocoNorm

They clearly did a good job with this prank, because looking at the photo, I couldn't tell you which one was real soap.

"This guy's license plate."

A license plate with an extended message
reddit | ImNotGoodWithKids

This isn't bad, but the ultimate extended license plate is the one that reads 'ETALLIC' with an M on the left and an A on the right.

"My bored girlfriend decided style my hair. Leg hair."

A woman styling a man's leg hair
reddit | petestrumental

I guess this is something that can be done. I can't explain why I find this image so very disconcerting. It's just hair, after all, and it can be straightened again with ease — but still.

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