15 Celebrity Photoshop Fails They're Not Ever Living Down

Rae Batchelor
A laptop sitting on a wodden desk, next to a potted plant, a camera, and a mug of coffee.
Unsplash | Mylene Tremoyet

Many of us are guilty of touching up our photos from time to time — whether it's as small as getting rid of red-eyes or acne, or as big as making our skin smoother or our waist thinner. Fortunately, most of us are not celebrities with millions of followers ready to point out even the smallest sign of photoshop on their pictures.

And sometimes, the signs aren't very small at all. Here are some celebs who were caught editing their photos in a pretty big way.

Lindsay Lohan's curvy door.

Lindsay Logan standing in front of a closet door
instagram | lindsaylohan

When Lindsay shared this image to her Instagram page, fans were quick to point out that the door curved both in and out with her legs and butt. Note to self: if you're planning on photoshopping a picture, try not to stand in front of any straight lines.

Jake Paul's transparent shoulders.

Jake Paul flexing in front of the camera.
instagram | jakepaul

This picture YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul shared before a fight looks intimidating, but many people were more scared of the fact that you can see through the top of his shoulder muscle where it was edited to look bigger. Maybe Jake should've gone for round two in the editing ring!

Kim Kardashian's missing toes.

Kim Kardashian leans against a tree stump.
instagram | kimkardashian

Kim shared this sizzling beach snap on her Instagram, and many fans were left with one question: where is her toe? The foot that's up against the tree seems to only have four toes on it. I'm not quite sure what editing hack would've lead to this, but it's toe-tally obvious once it gets pointed out.

Aubrey O'Day's bending pool.

When Aubrey shared this bikini pic to her Instagram, it's easy to understand why not everyone noticed the way the pool she's stepping into seems to bend and curve around the same way her body does, but some eagle-eyed fans were quick to point it out.

Miranda Kerr's confusing hallway.

Miranda Kerr stands in a hallway.
instagram | mirandakerr

Miranda Kerr is one of the most gorgeous supermodels of all time, and even she feels the need to edit some pics before they get posted! Fans pointed out that the stripes on the hallway behind her curve in with her legs and back out with her butt. Straight lines will get you every time.

John Mayer's smooth, smooth, smooth skin.

John Mayer and a friend smile at the camera.
instagram | johnmayer

Singer songwriter John Mayer may have been feeling smooth when he shared this picture to his Instagram, but it certainly didn't fool any of his fans into thinking he had the skin texture of a fresh-out-of-the-box Barbie doll.

Britney Spears' disappearing back.

Britney Spears lays down next to her pool.
instagram | britneyspears

Britney always looks great in all of her Instagram pics, but some fans couldn't help but wonder why there didn't seem to be any pavement underneath her back the way there is lining the rest of the pool's edge.

Ariana Grande's grande hand.

Ariana Grande stands in front of a soft pink background.
instagram | arianagrande

Ariana Grande is known for her petite size, which is why the fact that her hand looks so big along her ribcage here caught so many people's attention when she posted this photo. I wish my hands were this big — think of all the things you could carry!

Khloé Kardashian's pale hands.

Khloe Kardashian sits behind the wheel of her car.
instagram | khloekardashian

Speaking of hands, KoKo is a pretty famous offender when it comes to photoshopping her pictures, and it's not that rare that it's her hands that get her into trouble. People were quick to point out that her hands were way, way paler than the rest of her body in this shot.

Khloé\s hands, again.

Khloe Kardashian leans against a wooden wall.
instagram | khloekardashian

In this snap posted to her Instagram, Khloé once again had her hands be the center of attention, with some comments likening their unnatural looking size to Freddy Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street. The nails look bomb, though!

Tana Mongeau's bikini body.

While Tana looks great both in the picture she posted and in the video captured from the same day, fans couldn't help but notice that her body in the photo didn't look exactly like her body in real life.

Madonna's stolen ideneity.

Madonna sitting on a bed in a Joy Division shirt.
instagram | madonna

While you might think this picture Madonna posted of herself in a cute little black and white outfit isn't particularly noteworthy, you might change your mind when you find out that this body isn't just photoshopped — it's not hers.

TikTok user Amelia Goode revealed that the picture had Madonna's head photoshopped onto her body.

A woman sits on her bed in a Joy Division shirt with a blue arrow pointing to an image of Madonna looking identical.
TikTok | ameliagoode

She shared the original image to her TikTok page, leaving fans extremely confused at why Madonna would attempt to pull this off. I think she probably didn't even realize it wasn't a real picture of her — she's Madonna, there must be millions of pictures of her taken every year.

Taylor Swift and Haim's bendy boat.

Taylor Swift and the members of the band Haim pose in front of the water in swimsuits.
instagram | taylorswift

Taylor Swift and the girls from Haim definitely look great in this pretty rare bikini snap Taylor shared to her Instagram, but fans quickly pointed out that the bar they were leaning against on this boat suspiciously seemed to bend in right at the waist.

And Khloé's hands... again. Again.

Khloe Kardashian stands in front of a pink background.
instagram | khloekardashian

Once again, Khloé's hands were the center of attention when she shared this shot — more specifically, the fact that she has way too many fingers on each hand. Something about these hands and fingers always seem to trip celebs up!