Photographer Trolls People By Following Their Photoshop Requests Literally

James Fridman, the photographer who's gotten famous for his photoshopped versions of people's pictures, strikes again. I've already told you about him before. Then I wrote about him again.

Why? Because people just won't stop sending him pictures to edit even though they know he might take their requests literally. And the pictures he sends them back are just a little extra.

Secret Agent Man

Well, in James' defense here, the guy wasn't clear enough about what kind of agent he wanted to be. Ha, ha! Am I right? Some sort of agent could be anything really. This is really clever. Isn't it?

The Guy In The Background

Um, which guy in the background? I know she meant the guy who photobombed her and her boyfriend, and you know that, but does James know that? Well, I think he does. Ha, ha! Gotcha!

Class Act

Seriously, if this girl wanted to look more classy in this shot she should've picked a better location. That would be a good start. There's nothing that's remotely interesting about a table and some doors behind. Fixed it!

Nail Job

Okay, really? If this girl is too lazy to get her nails done she shouldn't really expect James to do it for her. I say, serves her right. Lady, just paint those nails next time. Come on!

Tiger King

Oh, no! Be careful what you ask for. I dunno what would actually be worse; getting mauled by a tiger or having to deal with this woman. I hope this guy never finds out. Did you see this coming?

Oh, Deer

I'm not sure what this guy means by "another deer". I don't see any. All I see is one poor sheep who probably doesn't want to be in the picture anyway. He should have just taken the sheep out.


I guess somebody wasn't too happy about their picture being taken at the moment, and she definitely let it show. But now it's not as obvious. It may take you a minute but eventually, you'll see it. Go!

This Message

Although James likes to focus on a humorous take on people's pictures, there are those instances where he rather just leave them as-is. This is one example of embracing who you are and being confident no matter what.

Salute The Heros

Even though times might be rough right now for many people, including front line workers, it doesn't mean the time to laugh is over. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to enjoy and embrace life.

Woof Woof

OMG! That's so hilarious. I gotta admit this totally caught me off guard. I definitely wasn't expecting to see her request interpreted as literally as that. I think that's actually a better shot. It's such a cute dog.

The Death Of Nature

I know the guy watering the plants isn't exactly convenient. But without him, the greenery would die. I think James is trying to send quite a message here. Don't be so wrapped up all in yourself.

Bad Boy

What? How in the heck did this guy think James was going to make him look like a bad boy? Ha, ha! I think this is the perfect answer to what I think is just a silly request. Right?

That's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Got To Do It

Ha, ha, ha! Well, all she asked for was a bag. She didn't say it couldn't be full of garbage. Might as well help to clean up that pretty beach.

Just when I thought I've seen the best of what this guy can muster up, he creates all these new gems.

I wonder how many of these requests he gets per day. I bet they keep him quite busy.