19 Movies That Surely Would've Been Better If They Had Cast Danny DeVito

Sarah Kester
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You may have heard that idle hands make the devil's work. 

This is another way of saying that too much free time leads to trouble. Well, in this case, just the opposite happened. 

When the internet had too much free time on their hands, they banded together to imagine these 19 Hollywood films with Danny DeVito in them. 

Spoiler alert: they became so much better. 

'Home Alone'

In addition to making total sense, Danny could play any role he wants! He could replace Joe Pesci since he's basically as short as him anyways. Or, as one Redditor pointed out, he could play Kevin so we could hear him yell, "HEY, I'M UP HERE. COME AND GET ME, [EXPLETIVE]!"

'The Fast & The Furious'

"You'd only be able to see the top half of his head through the car window. I also just realized I really want to see Danny Devito driving backwards on the highway while flipping the bird." -u/Mandarin_Mike


Giphy | It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is the movie with Tom Hanks where a kid wakes up in an adult body. So it would be hilarious to see Danny play a kid who grows up but stays the same size!

Who could take him seriously? There would definitely be lines about him complaining about his size.

'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly'

"He plays all 3 main roles. There is no superimposing, there is no CGI, there are no retakes.

He just runs around between each character's position having a Mexican standoff with himself." - u/Roarlord

'Fight Club'


Just picture this: DeVito is Tyler Durden, and he says one of the movie's most famous lines, "All the ways you wish you could be, that's me."

He doesn't even need to look like Brad Pitt. As long as he has the confidence, it's believable. Some Redditors even want to see him buck naked with a rubber glove on his hand.

'Pacific Rim'

"The chemistry between fighter jock Danny Devito and nerdy scientist Charlie Day would be electric. They would probably end up in bed together." - u/Populistless. It also helps that the pair work together on It's Always Sunny in Philadephia.

'Magic Mike'

Giphy | Friends

We already got a glimpse of this when he played a stripper on Friends. He played Officer Goodbody, the stripper that the girls hired for Phoebe's bachelorette party. So to see a whole movie like this? Yes, please!

'Brokeback Mountain'

"Try and sleep tonight with that image in your head," one Redditor wrote. "Replace both Gyllenhaal and Ledger? The thought of DeVito, dressed as a cowboy, telling a CGI inserted Danny DeVito 'I can't quit you' is one great mental image," another added.

'The Hunger Games'

Giphy | The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

This would work best if he played Prim, not Katniss, according to one Redditor. That way, when Effie Trinket calls his name, the camera would pan to show a wide-eyed DeVito, saying, "What the hell." After his sister volunteers as tribute, the camera would show Danny again as he crosses his arms and says, "There ya have it. I'm not goin'. That's for damn sure."

'John Wick'

"He should play a low-level criminal in the third one who loaned money to wick when he started out and john drags his reluctant ass into the [expletive] when he needs some guns and devito is the only one that can help." - u/enigmaticwanderer

'Erin Brockovich'


The actor is snarky enough to pull off the role of a stubborn mother so well! We'd be treated to so many hilarious lines, like when he's ogled at the law firm he works at and says, "my eyes are up here, [expletive]."

'The Raid'

"Half of the movie would be Danny Devito [expletive] people up. The other would be the groups of people, depressed, talking about how they got beat up by Danny Devito." -u/deleted. Any way you slice it, we need to see it!

'50 Shades of Grey'


This one's pretty self-explanatory. There would be nothing greater than seeing DeVito play Christan Grey, the handsome billionaire who's into some kinky stuff. Plus, if you take away Grey's handsomeness, it would help people see that the character is actually a psychopath.

'Pulp Fiction'


"Danny Devito produced Pulp Fiction. Imagine if he had done the usual Hollywood thing and cast himself and his girlfriend (Rhea Perlman) to star!

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny? Sure, that would actually have worked. But, as Vincent and Mia?..." - u/neugo

'The Terminator'


Let's be real: we want to see Danny in any role that Arnold Schwarzenegger has done! "If the computers were really smart, they'd make their unstoppable killing machine look like someone harmless instead of a 6-foot-whatever, 250lb bodybuilder," this Redditor pointed out.


"Hey [expletive], I wanna play a game. Your life's a god damn joke! People hate you for Christ sake. If you don't dip your hand in that acid in front of ya, your heads gone! I'm givin ya 5 minutes. Good luck." - u/TrentonJ

'The Avengers'

Giphy | ADWEEK

But only if he plays every Avenger. This way, we'd see things that this Redditor envisioned, like Danny DeVito in a skintight spiderman suit, swinging from building to building. Meanwhile, a short Iron Man and a huge Danny DeVito Hulk are beating up some robots.

Any of the 'James Bond' movies

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

"Just imagine Danny Devito watching Ursula Andress saunter out of the ocean in a clinging white bikini and you tell me that it's not an improvement." - u/GetFreeCash. He should totally be the next Bond!


Giphy | One Direction

If we had it our way, this is the movie that would've been made all along!

We need to see Danny as Edward Cullen, the sparking vampire with a good heart. Or as Bella, the awkward teenager who keeps finding herself in trouble.

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