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Dwayne Johnson And Danny DeVito Crash A Total Stranger's Wedding

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and Danny DeVito just took a break from promoting their new film, Jumanji: The Next Level, to crash a total stranger's wedding.

Talk about an "unforgettable" evening!

One lucky bride and groom just had the most "unforgettable" evening of their lives:

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and Danny DeVito crashed their wedding!

Talk about #WeddingGoals.

Surprisingly, this is just *one* of the crazy things The Rock gotten himself into this past week.

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While promoting his new film, Jumanji: The Next Level, the actor has been up to some next-level shenanigans with his co-stars.

Like when The Rock bore witness to Kevin Hart pretty much crapping his pants.

It all went down after Kevin downed three espresso shots one after another to power himself through during media interviews.

By doing so, he taught us all a very important lesson: don't try this at home.

The comedian was soon in dire need of a toilet.

"I had no idea how bad Kev’s stomach got after slamming three cups back to back - until I looked and saw him slumped over while we talked to journalists for our JUMANJI press junket," Johnson wrote in the caption of the vid.

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"Like the pro he is, he finished all our press," The Rock wrote.

"Then had to change his pants."

Despite the circumstance, he wrote that "this one will always be one of my all time favs."

Uh... maybe not for Kev!

Another crazy experience The Rock got up to this week was crashing a wedding!

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But he didn't do it alone; he was with his co-star, Danny DeVito.

These two have basically become the bromance we never knew we needed.

Johnson explained how their wedding crashing ways came to be in an Instagram post.

"I’ve never crashed a wedding, but with Devito this was truly UNFORGETTABLE," he began.

The video starts by showing the actors standing poolside with some of The Rock's new tequila.

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While reminiscing about the movie's press tour, they hear what sounds like a wedding going on upstairs.

This leads DeVito to ask The Rock if he's ever crashed a wedding.

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When he says no, DeVito comes up with the brilliant idea of crashing the wedding.

While the Rock seems hesitant at first, he soon agrees.

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After clinking their glasses to solidify their risky plans, they sneak into the wedding with the help of the hotel staff.

But these actor pals don't just come crashing in; they come singing in!

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With a mic in hand and song lyrics on a cell phone, the duo belted out the song, "Unforgettable."

As you can expect, this led to total shock and excitement from the wedding guests, including the bride!

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"It was actually quite beautiful and the love and mana in that room surrounding the wedding couple was so strong," the Rock wrote about the "unforgettable" experience in his caption.

He wished a heartfelt congratulations to the bride Kristine, her husband Will, and their four children.

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Later in the vid, when Johnson and DeVito discussed what marriage advice they would give, Johnson said:

"Five words that Danny and I live by: 'Yes honey, you are right,'" he joked.

So many fans were soon touched by what the singing duo did for the couple:

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"One of the best things I’ve ever got to see in person," wrote one of the wedding guests.

Moral of the story is this: if you're looking for wedding singers, Danny and The Rock are available for hire!

Given DeVito's stripping from his Friends days, you might even be able to get him out of retirement for all your Bachelorette needs!

"Jumanji: The Next Level" hits theaters on December 4th!