They say pictures speak a thousand words, but the shockingly powerful effects of pictures capturing the depth of people's eyes speak volumes. The forum on Santabanta has been on the hunt for the most powerful images of people's eyes throughout history and here are some of the images they've compiled. They'll leave you stunned:


1. The eyes of agony:

by Frank Fournier |  Wikipedia

2. The eyes of senseless hatred:


3. The eyes of baseless revulsion:

by Time and Life |  Daily Mail

4. The eyes of incredulity: 

by Jack Bradley |  Pictify

5. The eyes that have witnessed the nuclear blast that is Hiroshima:

by Christopher Stromholm |  Agence Vu

6. Eyes of exhaustion:

by Life Magazine |  Santabanta - Santabanta by |  Life Magazine

7. Eyes of lost innocence:

8. The eyes of courage:

by Jodi Bieber |  Canon Europe

9. The eyes of innocence:

by Vanessa Bristow |  Africa Geographic

10. The eyes of madness:

Pictured below is a shell-shocked soldier in a trench in 1916, during the Battle of Courcelette. Shell shock is the trauma of continuous bombardment that causes panic, inability to reason, sleep, walk or talk. Often, they lose their self control entirely. 

11. The eyes of absolute fear:

12. The eyes of acceptance:


13. The eyes of relief:

photo credit: unknown |  National Georgaphic 

A heart surgeon after a successful 23-hour heart transplant operation. Note the assistant sleeping in the corner of the operating room.

14. The eyes of discovery:


15. The eyes of peace:

by Horst Faas |  Why War Sucks

This unknown soldier was with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Battalion in South Vietnam in 1965. War is hell.

16. The eyes of curiosity:

by Andri Tambunan |  Verve Photo

17. The eyes of desperation:

A group of hungry homeless men wait patiently to receive free food being distributed outside a mosque in New Delhi, India. 

18. The eyes of gratefulness:

reddit u |  kebbs
12-year-old Brazilian boy Diego Fraz√£o Torquato, plays the violin through tears at his teacher's funeral. His teacher had helped him escape a life of poverty and violence through music.

19. The eyes of fatigue: