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This Hair Stylist Creates Jaw-Dropping Looks Inspired By The Colors Of Nature

People who color their hair vibrant colors make me super envious, I'm not gonna lie. My hair barely pulls above a brassy orange, even with purple shampoo, as is!

So, if you love colorful hair and your hair can pull the blondest blonde without suuuuuper damaging it, you should head over to hair magician Ursula Goff in Kansas, who creates the coolest colors inspired by nature.

Ursula Goff is seriously a hair color wizard and magician.

Instagram | @uggoff

She sees the intricate colors out in nature and paints them onto her canvas, bleached hair.

While many of us might see iridescent colors out there in the world, not many of us understand them enough to recreate the effects on hair!

She truly understands how colors transition into and out of one another, and replicates that process onto hair.

Instagram | @uggoff

She really captured the colors of these sunflowers, even down to the darker red bits by the root!

Ursula also manages to create the most gorgeous tones.

Instagram | @uggoff

These colors are just as vibrant and bright as the gemstones and crystals are in real life!

She even recreated the colors of the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park!

Instagram | @uggoff

Ursula is definitely the GOAT when it comes to vibrant hair colors, there's no doubt about it.