19 Women Who Knew When They Found The One

Sarah Kester
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Almost everyone dreams of finding “The One."

This is the person you will likely marry and start a family with. They will have your back and always be your best friend. 

But with there being so many red flags in the dating world, how do you know when you've found the right person for you?

These 19 women have an idea. Here, these ladies in love share their stories of when they knew they had found the one. 

The good example

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This story will definitely not make you tear up sniffs. Redditor NicoleMitchell shared that she didn't have the best example of love growing up. It wasn't until she was 16 that she met her biological father and spent time with him and his wife.

One day, he and his wife were holding hands when he turned to her and said, "Have I told you I love you today?"

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This set the standard for what the Redditor was looking for. So when her now-husband turned to her one day and said, "Have I told you how much I love you today?" she smiled, teared up, and knew he was the one.

The little things

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"He fixed my friend's car because she did not have money. He was kind to people. He used to call and say 'Can I come be where you are?' He brought me a chocolate bar when an ex sent me a horrible letter. He made me laugh. There was one day when I knew that if I married him, I'd never wish I had looked around longer or dated more. We've been married 24 years. He is still the kindest man I know." - u/lobeliaflower

The cancer scare

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Finding out you have cancer is a huge test for any relationship. So this Redditor's mother knew her partner was the one when he said this about her breasts: "So chop 'em off, I'll still be here." Strangely sweet, huh?

The calm feeling

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"I remember sitting with him in the car, he was driving and it was quiet. I looked over and had a feeling of peace....calm....a feeling of home. And that was when I knew we were going to be together forever." - u/Tbjkbe

The road trip

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Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. When this Redditor's boyfriend went on a three-day road trip with a friend, she was in abject misery the entire time. She would wander throughout the house aimlessly until it hit her that she loved him. They've now been married for years.

The broken car

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"My car broke down in downtown Houston while I was working. He came and switched cars with me, took it straight to a mechanic, had it fixed (it threw a serpentine belt), paid for it, and was waiting at my house when I got off work a couple hours later. The only thing he said was 'I went ahead and had the oil changed.'" -u/fbi_does_not_warn


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Yes, believe it or not, a UTI led to a woman knowing her partner was the one!

It was when she was sick on the toilet with the infection. When she embarrassingly explained this to him through the bathroom door, his reaction was the sweetest.

"He slowly opens the door with his eyes closed, a stool in one hand and his laptop in another," they wrote.

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"He sets his laptop on the sink opposite me and the stool into my shower, which was divided from the toilet by a closet (so we could both see the laptop, but not each other.)" Then, they watched Happy Feet together while she was on the toilet the whole time. "I nearly cried."

The hospital visit

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"I woke up with severe stomach pain and told him I needed to go to the emergency room. He took me and spent the next 7 hours with me for us to eventually learn I had acid reflux and was sent home with Zantac, suddenly perfectly fine." - u/rn8650

The homeless man

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Being kind to those less fortunate is a huge turn-on. When a woman and her then-boyfriend were driving home after grabbing dinner, he spotted a homeless man who frequented the intersection.

Instead of ignoring the homeless man, he rolled down his windows.

"He gave him an untouched, beautiful hamburger in that to-go box, which he was looking very forward to eating later on," the woman shared.

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"And I thought, twenty years later: Perfect. He is still perfect," the Redditor wrote. They've been together for over 20 years.

The tender love

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"He told me he loved me. And I could feel in my heart. The way he looked me so often. How he touched me with love. The way he smiled at me when I looked at him. 40yrs." - u/Horseshow

The stand-in dad


One single mom got the clarity she needed by the way her boyfriend treated her kids.

When they were upset over their biological father being mean to them, her boyfriend got tears in his eyes.

"I asked him what was wrong and he said 'none of you deserve to be treated this way, I promise to love and protect all of you and to never hurt any of you.' He stuck to his word."

The hand on the back

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"He put his hand on my back when we were walking down the street. Something about the way he touched me was unlike the touch of any other boyfriend before him. I can't really explain it. When he put his hand on my back, I felt like he was promising to always take care of me and protect me even though I knew all he was doing was walking down the street." - u/rumtiger

Love by first fart

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Ah, love. It shows itself in funny ways, like when this Redditor's then-boyfriend came to bed with his mouth guard in and she sheepishly held up hers, too.

Then, when she accidentally farted horribly loud, he lifted up his leg and let out a "courtesy fart" so she wouldn't feel bad.

The surprise party

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"Drove 10 hours to be at my grandpa's surprise 90th birthday party. Grandpa started crying when he saw my then-boyfriend. I told my sister that day I was gonna marry him." - u/SnapeWho. Tip for men: impressing the family earns major brownie points.

The rare cancer

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This Redditor surprisingly knew her man was the one when he got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Although it gave him a shorter life span, he said that he wanted to spend it with her. Talk about being there for each other through sickness and health.

The post-it note

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"He asked me to look up something in his day planner. I opened it up and a post-it note fell out. He had written down all my favorite things - flowers, candy, movie, and restaurants. It was probably the sweetest thing he never gave me." - u/IdoubtIeverpost

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