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Woman's Bikini Photo Goes Viral And Sparks Heated Debate About Body Positivity

Thanks to social media and viral Internet culture, body positivity is a topic that is finally getting the attention it deserves. People understand that every body is different and there isn't a one-size-fits-all body.

One woman thought her body positivity post would get some positive reactions, but she got quite the surprise when it actually sparked a large debate instead.

Meet Valentina.

Instagram | @valaddall

Valentina, who goes by @val_adall on Twitter and @valaddall on Instagram, is a normal gal like any of us.

Many of her photos on Instagram and Twitter feature her in trendy outfits and swimsuits.

Instagram | @valaddall

She totally owns her body and you can feel her confidence radiate through her photos.

She decided she wanted to spread some body positivity and started a thread in a tweet of her sporting a trendy blue bikini.

Before she knew it, many people began sharing their own photos in the thread.

So many people were super supportive of one another and hyping each other up.

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It seemed to be going how Valentina had hoped: people supporting people and uplifting one another. People of all genders, backgrounds, and body types shared their own photos of their bodies.

However, not everyone thought Valentina's post was all that positive.

Some people took it the message in a completely different way.

This user pointed out that the movement sprung from bigger women aiming to change public perception of the ideal body type and that Valentina is dismissing that.

This user noticed that Valentina seemed to be only commenting on posts of women that resembled her own body type.

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It definitely does take courage to put yourself out there and post photos of your own body to a large public Twitter thread.

These two Twitter users had a small debate themselves.

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The first user feels that Valentina's post is promoting vanity, but the second user explains that you can be confident about the way your body physically looks and still be body positive.

What do you think?

Does Valentina's post promote body positivity or does it promote vanity and love for an "ideal" type of female body?

Let us know!