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Woman Details Circumstances That Led To Her Showing Up To Job Interview Without Pants

This woman's interview was the stuff of nightmares and anxiety dreams.

Nightmare Fuel

Showing up at work/school/literally anywhere without pants is a common theme in most people's nightmares. Now, most people would say that there is no way that they could ever forget something as vital as pants. However, this woman proved how easy it really was.

The Forgotten Pants


Redditor u/ohokayokayoh shared a hilarious story, explaining that sometimes when you're really tired or distracted, sometimes things just go wrong.

Interview Nightmares


Can you imagine the horror of realizing that in your haste you had forgotten your pants? At an interview? Nothing can really prepare you for the survival skills necessary to make the right choice next in order to maintain a modicum of dignity.

Accidental Thievery


It gets worse. In her haste to exit her potential place of work without exposing her backside, she accidentally stole a hanger. Should she run? Should she return it? In the D&D game of life, her fate was dependent upon her next roll.

Silver Lining


Luckily, she managed to reschedule and flee without them taking notice (or at least letting on that they know). Here's hoping they don't have a Reddit presence.

Similar Stories


Inspired by u/ohokayokayoh's story, others on Reddit started sharing their own workplace nightmares, pantless and otherwise.

Boss Nightmares


One user had a veritable laundry list of work embarrassments to run down. I image u/theartistbynight spends many nights unable to sleep, just stuck reliving these cringey moments.

Childhood Embarrassment


One user recounted a time when they forgot their shorts on a childhood bike ride, proving that there is no age limit on humiliation.

Always. Check. Your. Pants.

In short: always check to see if you're wearing pants when you leave the house, and know that someone out there has embarrassed themselves​ at work worse than you.

Is This The Worst?

What's your worst job interview story? Does it top leaving your pants at home and stealing from your potential employer? Maybe you had to use the bathroom really bad and can't go back for your rescheduled appointment now.

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