Will Smith Surprises 14 Year Old Cancer Patient With A PS5 And $5000

There's only one kind of celebrity that we think is worth being a real fanboy or fangirl over, and it has nothing to do with the media they create or what movie franchises they star in. The only celebrity worth their salt is the kind that uses their wealth and influence to give back and make a real positive difference in the world!

Celebrities who give back are really the only ones worth paying attention to.

We don't need the reality stars or the Instagram models posturing about how many fancy cars they own in their many garages in their seven separate vacation homes — what WE need is celebrities who use their money to make the world a better place! Like, for instance, Will Smith.

We all know and love Will Smith.

Will has been a beloved actor for decades, starting from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air all the way to Men In Black, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Hitch, Hancock, and tons more.

He's also incredibly generous, and in his new Will From Home series, he shone a spotlight on 14-year-old cancer patient Aiden and his dad Chuck.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Aiden and Chuck have been isolated from each other while Aiden undergoes chemotherapy.

Chuck decided to entertain and connect with his son by dancing out in the parking lot of the hospital where his son could watch him through the window.

“When Aiden looked out the window, this is what he saw: his dad dancing in the parking lot dressed in the brightest colours he could find," Will explained in a video shared to social media.

Will enlisted musician, TikTok star, and dancer Jason Derulo to help him celebrate the family.

Will and Jason taught Aiden's dad some brand new moves to help entertain his son even more than his usual moves.

I think MY dance moves would be noticeable from quite a ways away, but not because of bright colors or any inherent skill — just the opposite!

Will also surprised Aiden with an incredible gift.

Will presented Aiden with a brand new Playstation 5! These video game consoles are incredibly hard to find and have been sold out pretty much across the world — if you were hoping to get your grandson one for Christmas, you might want to start writing out an IOU instead.

Will also gifted Aiden a new controller and a GameStop gift card in partnership with the video game store.

"You can’t even get these yet!” Will exclaimed, and he's pretty much right!

On top of all that, GameStop donated $5000 to the Cook Children's Medical Center, where Aiden is being treated. Will matched the donation “in honor of the love you guys are putting into this world."

What an amazing story!

There's nothing not to love about this one — a loving father going to great lengths to connect with his young son fighting cancer, Will Smith and Jason Derulo dancing, and a fantastic holiday gift for Aiden AND for the hospital!

What more could you possibly ask for?