Why Robert Pattinson Will Outshine Christian Bale As Batman

You know, if he's going to be so good as "Batman" why are there so many "Don't Worry Robert Pattinson Is Going To Be Good As Batman" articles online?

Wait, hold on, I'm team Pattinson for this one.

Don't worry guys, Robert Pattinson is going to be great as Batman! Maybe even better than Christian Bale himself.

1. Edward Cullen and Batman are kind of similar


Wait, wait, wait, wait! No, don't you dare click that X button!

Don't click out of this article yet before you hear me out, pal! Hold on, I have some good points to share with you.

Alright, well for those of you who stayed:


You may be guffawing at the fact that I can even compare the two characters.

"Edward Cullen is a silly little sparkly boy and Batman is a superhero." I can hear you say.

But think about it:

He cares for the people he loves, he has a duty that he needs to fulfill on an almost daily basis, and he prefers the nighttime.

Was I describing Batman there? Or Edward Cullen?

See, a lot of people think the fact that the guy who played Edward Cullen is going to be a bad Batman...

Because of the fact that he played Edward Cullen. But Robert Pattinson's experience isn't a bad thing.

In fact, it might help him play Batman a little better than others.

2. He's Broody As Heck


We know from his stint as the sparkly vampire dude (who's name escapes me) that he can brood with the best of them. What's Batman best at?

No, jeez, not "beating up the mentally ill".

No, it's brooding.

Couldn't you picture Robert in the mask, brooding over the city of Gotham?

Wondering what one of the 17 villains in this movie is currently doing? Possibly doing an inner monologue?

3. The Jawline


One of the most important parts about an actor who's going to play The Dark Knight is his jawline.

Considering it's going to be the part we see the most, he has to have a good one.

And check out ol' Robert Pattinson's:


Boom! Now that is a shapely jawline! Could you not picture that poking out from beneath Batman's mask?

Of course, you could, the thing is darn near perfect! It could cut glass it's so sharp!

4. Pattinson Knows How To Be Scary

Twitter | @BossLogic

One of the most important parts of Batman's character is fear.

The goons and mentally ill of Gotham need to fear the Batman so they won't go out commit the worst crimes possible.

And Pattinson can do that.


I mean, he was pretty scary bad in Twilight (Self-satisfied snicker).

Snickery aside, watch Cosmopolis. It was a David Cronenberg movie starring Pattinson, and boy was he scary in it.

In fact, he almost plays an evil Bruce Wayne in that movie.


He plays a cold-hearted CEO who's going through a pretty bad time.

So if Bruce Wayne spent less time beating the hell out of the mentally ill and more time going insane himself, you'd have Cosmopolis.

5. He's Great At Sardonic Humor


For those of you who have seen Justice League Unlimited, you know that Batman is the funniest character in the show.

Why? Because he's just such an... well, a-hole (sardonic).

And Robert Pattinson nails that kind of humor.


Check out Queen of the Desert if you want to know what I mean.

He plays Lawrence of Arabia as such a sardonic figure, that you can't help but laugh.

6. His Resume


Let's put Twilight aside for a second. There are two movies on this list alone that you should check out if you want more faith in Pattinson, but one you definitely have to look at is The Lighthouse.

Then, my friend, you will believe.