15 Wholesome Posts That We All Need To See

Jordan Claes
Little girl staring at cupcake.
reddit | Benzorgz

Millennials began their teen years by watching the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. They then sat idly by as the global housing market collapsed, bore witness to a Donald Trump presidency, and have most recently lived through a global pandemic.

Needless to say, we could all do with a little less stress and a heck of a lot more joy in our lives. So for those who are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, here are 15 wholesome posts that we all need to see right now.

I never believed in love at first sight, until now.

Fergus the Border Collie.
reddit | pandafreckles_

Redditor pandafreckles_ had always wanted a Border Collie from the time that they were young. Finally, after waiting patiently for more than 32 years — they finally got their wish!

It's always the ones who say "I don't want a dog" who wind up loving them the most.

Grandma and dog napping.
reddit | whereverwego

Supposedly, Reddit user whereverwego had left their pup with their grandmother and when they arrived home — this is how they found the two of them.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Woman sitting on the wall of a castle.
reddit | discolexia

"I decided to change career from retail hell to graphic design, with 0 knowledge about design at that moment. Tomorrow I'm staring[sic] my first FT Junior graphic design job remotely! Never give up!" - Reddit u/discolexia

It was cute at first, but now I'm down three games to none!

Cat and boy playing Battleship.
reddit | DylanJaimz1

Dammit, Whiskers! I swear to god if you say "I sunk your Battleship" one more time, there'll be no more catnip for a month. Don't test me, I mean it!

The look you make when the waiter brings you the biggest Stromboli you've ever eaten in your life.

Woman eating a giant Stromboli.
reddit | Cult7Choir

According to Redditor Cult7Choir's post, this was listed on the menu as the small-sized Stromboli. I can't tell if the look on the woman's face is one of shock or pure unfiltered joy?

For as long as you live, you will never forget this moment.

Man seeing his wife on their wedding day.
reddit | merlinmaniac

There are very few times in life when you have the conscious realization that you're making a lifelong memory. But seeing the person you love walking down the aisle toward you on your wedding day most assuredly qualifies as such.

Can I steal this for my vows?

Couple on their wedding day.
reddit | gthomas9

"Just mentioning quickly, I married my best friend on Saturday. She's like my left arm; I rely on it more than I know, it would be weird if it wasn't there and it's a part of me. I can't stop smiling! Anyway, as you were." - Reddit u/gthomas9

Nothing on this earth tastes sweeter than a breath of fresh air.

Woman taking her first breath of air after leaving the hospital.
reddit | rijoys

Take it from someone who knows — there's nothing routine about a trip to the hospital. What might at first present itself as a small problem at first, can wind up being catastrophic. But when you come out the other side, you'll have a whole new perspective on life.

Tell me more about the puppy...

Woman with green hair smiling.
reddit | PunkinGuts

"In the past 12 months[sic] I got on medication for mental health, bought a house, came out to my closest friends, achieved a 6 figure[sic] salary, cut off my hair, and in two days I’m getting my first puppy! Best. Year. Ever." - Reddit u/PunkinGuts

Happiness is a clean and organized room.

Before and after cleaning room.
reddit | etirareag

I feel like I've gone my whole life with undiagnosed OCD. Therefore, seeing this strewn about without a care in the world has a tendency to set my teeth on edge. I for one think this room revitalization deserves a slow clap.

She said "Yes!"

Couple after they just got engaged.
reddit | TheToddZombie

I love hearing people's engagement stories. They're always so filled with joy, with unfiltered optimism for all that lies ahead. To all the happy couples, I say enjoy it and bask in your love for as long as it will allow you to do so.

90% of being a dad is just showing up.

Dad and daughter at her first at show.
reddit | AniaAmador

Reddit user AniaAmador recently put on her first art show. She was surrounded by friends and supporters, but she didn't anticipate her dad making the trek. It totally caught her off guard and she couldn't have been happier.

I wish I got invited to more puppy parties.

Boxer with a birthday crown on.
reddit | BearChops

I just can't handle this! Would you look at those saucer-like eyes and that adorable snoot?! Normally, I'm not one for parties but I feel like I could happily blend in here.

In order to change your perspective, sometimes you have to color your world.

Painting with various colors.
reddit | alternateartreality

"I used to suffer with a lot of anxiety until I started expressing myself through art, now I’m happy painting and seeing so many colors" - Reddit u/alternateartreality

Find someone who looks at you the same way this little girl stares at her cupcake.

Little girl staring at cupcake.
reddit | Benzorgz

The only thing better than a strawberry cupcake is a strawberry cupcake topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry. Judging from this little girl's transfixed stare, she clearly agrees with me.