14 Very Weird First Dates People Actually Had

Lex Gabrielle
coffee date
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First dates can be awkward and strange, especially when you don't know the person you are going on a date with. Blind dates, or even ones we are set up to go on, can be strange and uncomfortable. Getting to know someone for the first time is super stressful. Sometimes they can go really well, other times they can be awful and weird.

She brought another guy.

table set up for date
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LittleBeauCreep said that they showed up to a date with someone they had met online and when their date got there, she showed up with another guy, too. And, to boot, she expected him to pay for her and the guy she brought.

That's awkward.

video game controller
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"Afterwards he asked if I wanted to play some games at his place. So I said yes. As soon as I walked into his front room I was met with about eight of his family members. He had invited over most of his family to meet me," said Sammie_SU.

Call the cops on this one.

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vxixoxlxext said as the date was ending, she went to get out of his car and go home and when she looked back, he was touching himself right there in the car.

That's a bit much for a first date.

funeral candles
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One Reddit user said she met a guy a the skate park and she thought he was really hot. He asked her out on a date and he told her to dress up, so she thought it was going to be something special. He took her to his little sister's funeral.

Never going there again.

chinese food dinner
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"Went to a Japanese steakhouse. Date heckled the chef and threw pieces of food at the next table. She pissed off the chef so much he doused her plate and set it on fire, then walked away. Plate was completely engulfed in flames," another Reddit user added.

It was a whole ploy.

laptop with stats
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unlimitedanna shared that they went on a date from Tinder, their very first Tinder date before, and when they got there it turned out to be an entire Costa Coffee pyramid scam. The guy was trying to recruit her to be on his team.

Invasion of privacy.

guy looking through phone
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Notathrowawaysleeve said that on their first date, they went bowling so it was about a normal first date. But, when she went to the bathroom, she came back and he was going through her phone. Total invasion of privacy for a new date.

Hey mom, hey dad!

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"Date lied about her age. Turns out she didn't have her license, and her parents ended up driving her there and stayed for the meal. Ended up meeting the parents on the first date with my date. I got a free meal out of it so it wasn't all bad," shared another Reddit user.

So, who did he kiss?

twins side by side
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Interrupting-Dash shared that on their very first date with a girl he had kissed at the school dance a week prior, his date brought along her identical twin sister and for a while, he wasn't sure who was who.

Don't disrespect the queen.

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"Went out with one of the RAs from my undergrad dorm. He was from abroad and we were talking about music. He asks if I like Celine Dion and I started laughing, thinking he was joking. Me laughing was something of a mood-killer, apparently," said shrimpcreole.

Seems like it worked out.

wedding rings on couple's hands
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Booomerz said on their first date they smoked weed in a public park, and almost got arrested. Also ended up getting wine drunk in a public park and got together on the first date, too. They moved in together within five months and got married.

That's traumatic.

surgeons in a hospital
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"A month ago I went on a first date with a guy, we hit it off, he was walking me home afterwards, and decided to do one of those romantic moves where the guy dips the girl and then kisses her...only he miscalculated, slamming the back of my head into the sidewalk. I ended up with a moderate traumatic brain injury and he broke his finger trying to stop the fall," said bruisertheo.

Guess you're getting married!

wedding rings
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"First and LAST date. I went out to dinner with a man I met when we were coworkers. While we were having dessert his parents showed up.

They invited me back to see their home. So, I went. got the tour, saw their honeymoon car in the garage and they sat me down in the living room and started asking me about details regarding my wedding to their son," said RicottaPuffs.

Lying about your age is no good.

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"Met on tinder when I had just turned 19. We decided to go to a really popular park downtown, and had a rad time, right up until she told me she lied about her age, she was 14 (she looked 20 and said she was 18), and that her parents were working literally 30 feet from the shop we were in," said lightiskira2144.