20 People Who Might Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Photoshop

Ashley Hunte
A photo of two men, where one is clearly edited using Facetune.
reddit | sucrilhoxxx

Everyone edits their photos a little bit here and there. It's only natural to want to present the best possible version of yourself to the online world. But some people definitely take it way too far.

Like, if you edit a picture to the point where you look like a whole new person, or you look completely fake (like the people in this list), you might need to step back from the editing apps for a little bit.

"And she has 3,000,000 followers. It’s crazy to me how people make loads of money just by photoshopping their pics."

A woman whose waist is definitely not as small as it appears in the picture.
reddit | justagayvibing

I think what bugs me the most is the fact that people will post pics where they edit their body proportions to look unnatural, and then act like it's real. But I guess the internet is no place to be honest.

Ah yes, a totally believable pic.

A woman's face that's been obviously edited.
reddit | channeasy

I'd say that it's just the magic of makeup, but those eyes look a little too fake to me. It's too bad that we as a society hate natural (and aging) skin on women.

"This PROFESSIONAL photographer makes his clients look like Sim characters."

A photo of a woman whose face has been edited in an uncanny way.
reddit | gracecarron

It's definitely weird when a photographer is editing your face to make it look eerily uncanny. Maybe he should've added a few editing lessons in with the photography classes.

"The people in the background have some serious skeletal deformities."

Two men with edited faces, as evident by the warped people behind them.
reddit | MightyMitochondrion

I wonder if people notice the warped backgrounds in the back of their pictures and just don't care, or if they're just a tad too delusional to even notice in the first place.

"Those tiles stood absolutely no chance."

Three women posing in a bathroom, where their legs have been edited to look long.
reddit | morbidhumorlmao

Everything about this room looks super uncanny. Like, the walls are literally bending toward the women.

Again, it's amazing how people seem to not notice their poor editing (or just don't care enough to fix it).

"Took me a while to understand that arm."

A woman whose arm is weirdly bent and photoshopped.
reddit | barbaramr7

I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say there's a wonky angle at play here. But considering the fact that everyone looks like they've been photoshopped into that pic, I know that's not the case.

"All are well into their 50s. They’re stunning without filters. I would also be pissed if someone edited me into oblivion and posted it on social media."

A picture showing four women's edited faces, versus a picture of two of them women unedited.
reddit | lindsbae

Sigh... if only women were allowed to show their age without being ridiculed by everyone else.

"Have these people never seen teeth in real life?"

Two people with unnaturally white teeth.
reddit | reallifeangel

I think that, if you're seriously out there editing your teeth to look blindingly white, you should probably step away from your computer or phone or whatever you're using to edit pics.

"The entire IG is magical destinations... of her inserting herself into random vacation photos."

A woman who has been obviously photoshopped in front of an ancient Greek ruin.
reddit | newaccttrial

I can't tell if this account is trying to be serious or if this is just a bit, but I kind of love it. Sure, it's terrible editing, but it's still kind of fun...

"It's the legs for me."

A woman sitting in a pose that makes her legs look strange and awkward.
reddit | FragrantBath1

I actually have no clue what's happening here. Is it a weird angle? Strange editing? Poor lighting? Some weird combination of all three? At this point, I'd probably believe any explanation that sounds remotely right.

When the Facetune is showing a little too much...

A woman whose face has been obviously edited by Facetune or some other software.
reddit | Universecentre

I swear, it feels like society is moving backwards in a lot of ways. People will really make their faces look like cartoon characters and then pretend that's how they actually look.

"Neck... Neck."

A woman with a neck that's been edited to look unnaturally long.
reddit | Falko-Von

Are... are long necks a beauty standard now? Because if that's the case, I'd rather just be ugly.

In all seriousness, though, what's the point of this? Do people just... not want to look like people anymore?

"Came across this on Facebook. Few of the pictures are like this and honestly I bet she's just fine without the filters."

A picture of a couple. The man looks normal, but the woman is clearly edited.
reddit | liveforeverhanson

I always find it weird how someone can edit just them, but leave other people in their pictures looking normal. Then again, editing everyone in the pic isn't any better...

"Giant hands? Tiny head? What is happening here?"

A woman in traditional east Asian clothing, with a small head and large hands.
reddit | konstellasjon

This is honestly so confusing. Is the head edited to look smaller? Or are the hands edited to look bigger? And neither one of those things would make any sense to begin with.

"There are few differences between the first and the third pic."

Three pictures of a woman in a dress. The third image shows her natural waist, and that the first two were edited to make her look skinnier.
reddit | iralothiriel

Interesting move to post a pic of yourself with an edited waist, and then a pic in a similar pose that has less editing. The worst part is, she looked fine before the editing.

"Some cosmetic surgery clinic posted a before/after photo, and yikesss that filter."

AS before and after picture for lip injections; the after pic has a heavy filter on it.
reddit | Crazy_Slice

You'd think the clinic would want to show off how their clients look without a filter. That just makes me think they'd do a bad job with your face.

"Did she photoshop her DEXA scan? This is next level."

A woman's body that's been edited in a DEXA scan.
reddit | jrockgiraffe

Imagine needing people to believe you look a certain way so badly, you'd be willing to edit your literal bones in a scan. There's no way people are believing this.

"Too much FaceApp?"

Two men standing next to one another; one man's face is clearly edited.
reddit | sucrilhoxxx

The amount of people posting pictures of themselves with cartoon faces on top of their real bodies is kind of startling. I almost feel like we'd just be better off without any kind of face-altering filters.

"'i DoNt uSe FiLtErS!!'"

Two pictures of the same woman, one edited and one not.
reddit | msherr15

As much as I feel like using heavy filters on pictures is kind of pointless, I really wish people would own up to doing so. Like, it's okay to be honest to your followers.

"Cardboard cutout…"

A man sitting at a table with a woman who looks edited in.
reddit | thedaniel_mendez

Is... is that woman completely photoshopped in? Or is this a really bad example of Facetune at play? Like, either way, this is so bad you can't help but laugh at it. Even if it has you scratching your head.