19 Unfortunate Pics Showing Our Everyday Reality

Sarah Kester
Man with huge wood block on his small car
reddit | gojiratheking

As Lady Luck would have it, bad luck happens to everyone. 

This could be lemons that are really hard to squeeze into lemonade, like a bird pooping all over your car or leaving your zoom call on while using the toilet. 

These are just a few examples of a very, very bad day. For more examples, here are 19 unfortunate pics that show just how bad life can truly be. 

The way this girl's boyfriend cuts an avocado

Man cutting avocado with hands
reddit | u/chinky_cutie

This is bad for two reasons. One, this woman now has to question whether she can stay with a man like this forever. And two, who the heck cuts an avocado like this?! He better hope his hands were clean.

The Halloween decorations

Decoration that looks like a dead body
reddit | MahatmaBlondhi

"Woke up this morning to 6 cops, a fire truck, and an ambulance at my door because a passing car was concerned about the one Halloween decoration I neglected to take down," this Redditor wrote. We get leaving Christmas lights up, but this?!

The delayed package

FedEx truck on fire
reddit | LadyAntoinette

"My friend got notice that his package was delayed, then sent me this on his drive home saying 'so that's what happened,'" this Redditor wrote. While we wanted them to "burn metal" to get our package here on time, we didn't mean this!

The modern parking garage

Jeep smashed in due to parking garage
reddit | u/vertigo1084

"When you want to impress the neighbors with your modern solutions, but then become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button," this Redditor wrote. Jeep really does stand for Just Empty Every Pocket.

The bad doggo

Dog carrying man's shortt
reddit | flamesdivide

LOL! Someone's in a lot of trouble. By that, we mean the man, not the dog. All he wanted to do was go for a skinny dip while no one was around. But this doggo foiled those plans pretty quick.

It's time to move... NOW

Sticky mat filled with tons of big bugs
reddit | u/deleted

"So I put a sticky trap down and then forgot about it for a few months. I'm terrified of my house now," this Redditor wrote. That's when you drop your keys on the sticky mat and consider it their house now.

This man who's playing his music out loud on a full flight at max volume

Man on flight blasting music
reddit | u/SouthpawAce14

We thought it was bad when people did this on a bus. But a plane? There is no stop that will let you escape it!

Pam to the rescue!

Broken cupboard with Pam bottle holding things up
reddit | slamchops

"We had too much on our shelf and in our cupboard, so it broke. But it could've been worse without pam," this Redditor wrote. Oh, how true this is. Now if only Pam was a magic spray that could reverse this mess.

Who needs a Uhaul?

Guy holding fridge on car
reddit | u/ArtVand3lay

This picture is the kind that makes you question humanity. More specifically, the stupidity. The only thing that could go wrong here is everything, from the police pulling them over to the fridge falling into the car.

This is not cool

Freezer filled with ice
reddit | Repiks

"This is what happens when you forget to put the ice tray back in the freezer," this Redditor wrote. We have so many questions here. How did they not hear this happening? And how many times can a family have snowcones for dinner after this??

This is uncomfortable to look at

Guy with peanut butter in his hair
reddit | © jay8535 / reddit

If he's not using peanut butter to remove gum from his hair, then why the heck is he doing? Making a fake wig? There must be better ways to show you have hair, like a toupee.

The mistaken identity

Newspaper clipping image of wrong sex offender
reddit | u/WolfDangler

"I bet Kevin was wondering why people were giving him strange looks at work yesterday," this Redditor shared. Of all the people to be mistaken for, it had to be this scum on the left. Life truly can be a cruel mistress.

How rude!

Guy's foot up at movie theatre
reddit | ethnicninja

Things like this really make you question what goes through people's minds. In what world would this ever be okay?! This person must've been raised in a zoo because putting your smelly sock up next to someone else is just gross.

Oh, crap

A blue car covered in bird poo
reddit | FCB_1899

"I thought I should also show you the shameless perpetrators as I caught them red handed while going to the supermarket today," this poor Redditor shared. This wasn't a coincidence. This was a PLANNED ATTACK. See how the other car is dry?

Don't give up!

Man with huge wood block on his small car
reddit | u/gojiratheking

If he just turns it a bit more to the right, it should be good. Sure, the new wood will drag on the ground and cars will be forced to stay back and the wood will eventually drop. But at least he didn't stop believing!

It's raining bad luck

Car with smashed window
reddit | skinscrazy2002

"Driving to work near Dulles Airport and a part fell off a plane smashed my back window," this Redditor shared. "I freaked out because i thought someone was shooting at me. Guy behind me saw something fall from sky." Anyone know what happened to the plane?

The thirsty boy

After the Zoom fails we've seen during the pandemic, this isn't even that bad.

Some people accidentally brought their laptops with them to go number two. Others got too comfortable at home and forgot they weren't wearing pants!

We're quite positive this sucks

Girl modeling on a battery
reddit | lrngully

"That time I modelled for a clip art company at 16 and ended up on dildo batteries," this poor Redditor shared. That's one part of the portfolio she might want to keep hidden... especially from her parents.

That's his washroom now

Spider in toilet paper dispenser
reddit | u/qbedo

Security has changed a lot these days. After one restaurant found that people were using too much toilet paper (and even stealing some rolls), the owner came up with this brilliant idea to use his son's pet spider.