People Are Praising This Mom's Unconventional Way Of Teaching Her Son About Safe Sex

Many parents often worry about their kids when they reach their teenage years and head off to college. One of the biggest things on our minds as parents is whether or not our children will practice "safe sex."

Let's face it: our kids are going to be sexually active.

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Once your kids head off to college, despite how much you want to hold onto their youth, it's inevitable that they're going to experiment with new things.

Many parents, however, choose to avoid the truth.

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Along with meeting new people and trying new things, if your kids aren't already sexually active by the time they head off to college — they probably will be.

Therefore, it's better to educate them early on.

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Teaching your kids how to practice safe sex could save them time, embarrassment, and overall protect them from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Right before college is the perfect time to give them some sex education.

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Most kids are curious about exploring, and they most likely will away from home.

That's why people are praising one mom who decided to do an unconventional "back to school" shopping trip with her son.

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Shared on Reddit, the 18-year-old told the website that his mom had a pretty unique way of prepping him for college.

According the post, the mom essentially wanted her son to "find condoms that fit properly."

The title read: My[18M] mom[50F] wants me to try on condoms and let her know which ones fit.

It may seem strange at first, but if you think about it, there's genius behind it.

Having condoms that fit you right will save you time and trouble.

However, the son even claimed to feel a bit uncomfortable.

In a Reddit post he wrote, "So I'm leaving for college in a few days and my mom calls me in and tells me to sit down. She then proceeds to tell me to go put it on and let her know if it fits."

We don't blame him.

Having your mom talk to you about condom sizes can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

But, she said it's her job as a mother.

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She told her son that, "it is her job to protect me from STDs." To be honest, she's not 100% wrong.

With sex education varying by state in terms of what is taught, it's up to parents to do so.

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Fewer schools properly inform teens today how to stay safe while having sex, with many schools pushing the "abstinence" agenda.

Many times young men will try and get "bigger" condoms, thinking it's impressive.

In reality, it makes things 10x more risky and complicated, as things can slip off and cause problems.

While the conversation seems a bit awkward, many people respected the mom's decision.

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Not only was she approaching sex without fear, she was making sure her son would be prepared.

Not everyone has parents so supportive.

In fact, many of us don't.

Many people on Reddit praised the mom for being so open-minded.

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One user wrote: "Awesome she pushed for it. It's better to know what you need whenever you need them. I've been trying to find the right size and I gotta say having tried several sizes it can be quite annoying, but maybe that's just me, but I have learned that making sure you put them on properly makes a difference."

Another said that most parents wouldn't be so helpful.

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"Look your mother is actually being pretty f***ing awesome. I completely understand the awkwardness behind this but you have to understand something too. Most peoples parents would not be so helpful."

This mom teaches all parents an important lesson.

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Not all teens will learn how to practice safe sex — despite having widespread internet access.

With peer pressure even more drastic than it's ever been, taking sex education into your own hands may just help your child more than you think!

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Protecting them from STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and other complications allows them to explore their sexuality and be safe at the same time.

Parents, before sending your kid to college, think about having a mature talk about sex.

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While you think that it may be awkward, it could be the best decision you ever make!