15 Uncomfortable Experiences Women Had With Someone Who 'Couldn't Take A Hint'

Lex Gabrielle
girl at the bar
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There are many times in a woman's life when they will be approached by someone who is interested in them. Sometimes it can be well received, especially if the person seems kind. But oftentimes, for women especially, there are advances that push every possible boundary. Many times, they even cross the line.

No matter how polite—or even blunt—women are in response, there are some people who will just never, ever get it.

That is just taking things too far.

someone saying too far
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"A former neighbor who took an interest from nothing more than a 'hello' in the lift. Started knocking on my door for random chats so I made it clear I wasn't interested. One night he knocked 7 times in one hour, he left notes asking if I wanted to go here and there, he found my FB and in my spam folder was over a 100 messages," shared Banana_boof.

Thinking every receptionist is flirting with you.

receptionist at work
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AtoyKab shared that as a receptionist, everyone mistakes her politeness for flirting. So, due to that, they proceed to try and flirt back. You can imagine how annoying that would be when someone is just trying to do their job.

Stalker, much?

little boy at the zoo
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Louisianimal0418 was once at the zoo with her children, just trying to enjoy her day. When she was sitting and watching her children play on a splash pad, a guy decided to sit near them and start a conversation with her. He ven offered to buy her snacks from the snack stand. After politely declining him, saying she was married, that still didn't stop him from following them around the park.

Can't take no for an answer.

gamer on computer
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"A former friend's roommate took a liking to me when he found out I was a "gamer girl" and started off pretty strong. He tried to buy me a gaming pc rig for my birthday after only hanging out twice in a group setting (where he barely spoke), showed up at my work wanting to hang out even though I never told him when or where.

Eventually, he asked me out, I said no, and he just.....kept it up," said TattooPuddle.

Catfish me once, shame on you.

dating app
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curryp4n shared she was on a date with a guy she met on a dating app. However, when they got there, she found out that he had lied about everything—even his pictures. She decided to go through the date to be polite, but at the end of the night, he tried to kiss her. Even though she said no and turned her head, he kept forcing it. Ew!

Never touch a stranger's underwear.

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MaPluto shared that she was doing laundry at a laundromat when a guy began chatting her up. Then, he decided to help her fold her underwear. Then, to make matters even more awkward, he decided to ask her out. Obviously, she denied, but he still went on to force a hug on her after that. Seriously, what the heck?!

Even at the bus stop.

bus stop
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Spiggy93 shared she was waiting at the bus stop at 10:30 AM on a Sunday morning when a guy in a windowless van pulled over to talk to her. He told her that he was driving by and just thought that she was so beautiful that he had to stop and tell her. He asked her out, and for her number, and even after she said no it took him a long time to leave her alone.

Doing the absolute most.

gina linetti looking disgusted
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"My sister’s roommate really liked me, but he was her boss and her roommate, so I was polite but nothing else.

After me frequently telling him that I was not interested in him, he left a golden box on my front step, and in it: a picture of my mom from college that he stole from my sister and a pair of my panties that he had also stolen from my house," shared dazedandconfuzed420.

The drunk wedding guests are always the worst.

groomsmen drinking wedding
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"Was at wedding a few months ago, had a guy follow me around the entire night. I don’t think I even said more than two words to him. I ignored him when talking in a group, I actively moved further away from him when he got closer and I made a point to not even look at him.

Towards the end of the night, after more alcohol, I turned around one more time to him standing next to me and staring and I cracked and told him to get away from me," shared sunshineandcats21.

Co-workers can cross the line.

parking lot
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Technical_Ability572 said that in her life, a lot of her co-workers decide it's a good idea to be super pushy and inappropriate. In fact, one of them followed her to her car, cornered her, and told her that her body language was giving him a signal that she was interested in him. Jeez, imagine being that entitled?!

"No" is a full sentence.

stevie from schitt's creek shaking her head and saying nope
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Dazzling-Toe-4955 confessed that while staying at her cousin's house, their friend tried to take advantage of her even though she said no over and over again. She had to lock herself in another room just to get away from them.

Things can get awkward quickly.

guy sitting in the dark
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Ur_moms_left_nipple said that she brought a guy over to her house to break up with him because she was 19 and she didn't drive or have a car at the time. But, after she ended things, he refused to leave. After an hour of trying to "fix things," she just went upstairs and went to bed. He stayed in her living room for 40 minutes alone before leaving.

Having someone be blatantly rude sucks.

college party
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"This guy from my uni friend group kept being overtly friendly, like noticeably flirtatious even in class. I started being fairly rude to him to get him to back off. The final straw was when I went to a party with my long-term boyfriend at this tiny apartment with no seating and in front of everyone, boyfriend included, said 'oh well you can sit on my lap.' The AUDACITY," said PhysicsBallerina.

Who just joins a table?

you cant sit with us from mean girls

Sweeeetestofdreams shared that she was out to lunch once with friends and a guy just sat down at the table with them. They were super annoyed with the fact that he had sat down with them, especially since it took him so long to leave them alone.