Dive In To 10+ Of The Strangest Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Buy Him Or Her This Year

Look, we're well aware that most people out there are a little skewed when it comes to their tastes. Not everybody is a fan of tradition and sometimes folks want to dip their toes in things that are a little weird.

A traditional Valentine's Day gift just won't satisfy these people -- or these couples. That's where these gifts come in, playing fast and loose with the rules to deliver memorable gifts from the odd or unusual parts of the internet.

Roll through these ideas and see what tickles your fancy.

Him And Her Pajamas


Have you looked at each other before going to sleep or while lounging around the living room and said, "you know...we don't dress enough alike." Lucky for you, there are plenty of pajamas in the world that can take care of this issue.

They look alike, they feel alike, and you can freak out your neighbors or make them think you're joining a cult.

Amazon - $44.99 from X-Small to X-Large

Satisfyer Pro 2 Massager


Look, the Satisfyer Pro 2 from Satisfyer isn't hiding what people are using it for. We don't have to go into details here, but sometimes the lady -- or man -- in your life needs a little extra relief.

That's where this -- back massager -- comes into play. This one in particular is made to be used under the water and is quick to recharge.

Amazon - $42.56

Brain And Heart Jello Molds


People aren't always about the fake looking hearts that choke Valentine's Day and show up all over the place. Move past that and give your love a realistic gift this holiday, proving that your special love has your heart AND mind.

Turn them into Jello molds, cake molds, use them to craft some sort of art piece. Who knows?

Amazon - $5.16: Brain $4.94: Heart

Maybe Something More Traditional?

Don't worry. If you're not in the mood for a weird gift, your holiday isn't completely over. There are plenty of normal, fun, interesting gift ideas out there in our other gift guides for Valentine's Day.

Check them out.

Wish Globe


Nothing strengthens a relationship like planning for the future a bit, even if it is unrealistic. This wish globe is a fun idea to either prepare some future memories you want to have or to hold all the wishes that have come true in the years since your lives have started.

Fill this globe to the brim and start to make those things happen. If you write it down, it's already a few more steps towards being real.

Amazon - $32.95

His And Her Coffee Cup


A coffee cup is a strong gift to give and it is reliable too. They play a daily role in someone's life and can help to share the type of personality a person has. If you want to go the couple route with it, these him and her coffee cups are the perfect way to say, "we're strange and we love it."

Amazon - $19.95

Exotic Jerky Bouquet


Flowers are played out. Sorry to all the florists out there, but it is true. So why not spice it up a bit for real with a jerky bouquet from Carnivore Club. It comes with 20 different jerky sticks, all wrapped to look like a nice bouquet.

This includes 5 Sticks of Elk, 5 Sticks of Buffalo, 5 Sticks of Venison (Hot), and 5 Sticks of Venison (Mild). We would say snap into it, but that might be a legal issue.

Amazon - $55.00

Indulgence Socks


These socks could come for him or her in the relationship, no matter what. Wine and coffee cover a whole lot of people in this world, so the socks aren't putting up any barriers between people. If you don't like to move or verbalize your requests, these socks will get the job done for you.

Amazon - $12.99

Heart Shaped Oven Mitts


Nothing like a pair of mittens that two people can wear out in the cold together. Could this go poorly? Sure. You could definitely end up accidentally falling and bringing your loved one with you. Or maybe you'll stop paying attention and end up wrapping around a pole thanks to these connected mittens.

You can drop in for either the red passion gloves you see above or a pair of black hearts connected.

Amazon - $15.90

Dammit Doll Classic


Got some stressful moments with your love? Need something to relieve the stress in order to avoid becoming the subject of the next Investigation Discovery mini-series? Get yourself a Dammit Doll to beat up, bite, toss around, and just take care of those negative feelings. They come with a random color, but they're made to take the punishment.

Amazon - $13.87

Crystal Chekue Storm Glass


This isn't magic, but I still don't think people will believe it. This crystal desktop contraption uses water and beads to predict the weather. It might seem crazy, but the beads will move around in relation to the pressures, cloud cover, and much more outside.

According to the state formed inside the bottle, can predict sunny, cloudy, fog, storms, snow, etc. The cool new and modern Storm Glass is a natural way to forecast the weather.

As opposed to those unnatural ways like mind powers or giant computers hooked to lightning rods.

Amazon - $23.99

K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricant


We know what Valentine's Day is supposed to be about. You get gifts, you get worked up, and then you blow off that steam to end the day until next year -- or at least the next birthday. So why not work toward having a safe and enjoyable evening thanks to this KY Yours And Mine lubricant.

The use is obvious. It plays into the next gift too. And you won't need to pretend that you're magic without any help.

Amazon - $9.99 for a subscription drop every 3 months

Sex For Dummies Book


As we said above, get a gift that works towards that goal at the end of the day. Maybe even buy this one a few weeks ahead -- meaning buy it this year for next year. Dr. Ruth is a tiny woman that knows almost too much about a positive sex life.

Do you ever feel clueless in the bedroom? Does your partner call out the wrong name all the time, with multiple different names? Is it possible that you should've listened to Sex Ed in high school? Pick up the book.

Amazon - $19.64

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