Tim Allen And Richard Karn Are Coming Together For A Brand New Show

Jordan Claes
Tim Allen and Richard Karn starring in 'More Power'.
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Move over Bob Vila, say sayonara Mike Holmes — Richard Karn and Tim Allen are back. The ultimate home repair show duo are back and poised to make their triumphant return to the small screen.

Richard Karn and Tim Allen, better known as Al Borland and Tim "The Tool-Man" Taylor, are set to star in a brand new series highlighting the glory of power tools. Only this time, "more power!" isn't just a suggestion — it's a necessity.

These days, Tim Allen is probably best known for supplying the voice of Buzz Lightyear in 'Toy Story'.

Buzz Lightyear on Andy's bed in 'Toy Story'.
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So far to date, Tim has voiced Buzz in four feature films as well as multiple shorts. Buzz Lightyear has since become a phenomenon unto his own, and it's all thanks to Tim.

It's also possible that you associate Tim with the holiday season.

Charlie and Scott Calvin in 'The Santa Clause'.
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Back in 1994, the world bore witness to one of the greatest Christmas movies ever made — The Santa Clause. To this day, we've yet to see a better Santa.

But if you're a true 80s/90s baby like myself, when you think of Tim Allen — you immediately think of 'Home Improvement'.

Tim Allen getting his shirt sucked off his body in 'Home Improvement'.

Home Improvement told the semi-autobiographical story of Tim "The Tool-Man" Taylor: a blundering home repair TV sensation with divine love for all things related to power tools.

Starring alongside Tim was Richard Karn, who played the Tool-Man's highly skilled and capable assistant, Al Borland.

Al Borland and Tim Taylor doing a demonstration in 'Home Improvement'.

Tim and Al were a proverbial Odd Couple to boot. The latter always set on doing things by the book, while the former only cared about instilling "more power!" into each and every task.

It's been more than two decades since 'Home Improvement' was taken off the air.

Tim Taylor talking to Wilson in 'Home Improvement'.

Now, to give Home Improvement diehards something to "salute!" about, Tim and Richard are poised to make their triumphant return in a brand new series, aptly titled — More Power.

'More Power' stands to serve as an ode to power tools themselves.

Tim Allen hosting 'More Power'.
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But of course, we're not talking about your standard table saws and electric drills. In More Power, Tim and Richard are setting out to show audiences the most suped-up powerful tools the world has ever seen.

Throughout the series, Tim and Richard will be joined by fellow power tool enthusiast, April Wilkerson.

April Wilkerson and Richard Karn in 'More Power'.
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Fans may recall April from the competition series, Assembly Required. Only this time, instead of focusing on home builders themselves, this time — it's all about the tools!

What makes 'More Power' even more exciting is that the series will be based out of Tim's home shop.

Electric sander running away from Tim Taylor on 'Home Improvement'.
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Not only will audiences get to see the reunion of one of TV's most beloved duos, but we'll also be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at what life inside "The Tool-Man's" garage is really like.

Both Karn and Allen seem absolutely delighted to bring this new spin on a familiar concept to TV audiences all over the world.

Tim Allen, Richard Karn, and April Wilkerson in the shop in 'More Power'.
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"Having the opportunity to explore my curiosity in-depth and really get to know more about the people and things that make us what we are today gets me excited," Tim old CinemaBlend.com.

"The chance to do a show like 'Tool Time' was unquestionably exciting," Karn chimed in.

Tim Taylor and Al Borland holding a sledge hammer in 'Home Improvement'.
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"We may not have Binford but we still will have a world of fun!" If that isn't something to grunt about, then I don't know what is.

'More Power' is set to premiere on History on Wednesday, June 29th.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the brand new teaser trailer in order to get a taste of what's to come. You can also catch up on old episodes of Home Improvement on Amazon Prime Video.