Fans Have Mixed Feelings About 'This Is Us' Series Finale

Jordan Claes
The Big 3 on 'This Is Us' at a funeral.

This Is Us, starring Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, and Susan Kelechi Watson is officially over.

The time has come to say goodbye. After six emotionally riveting seasons, countless accolades, and 30 Emmy nominations — This Is Us has finally come to a close.

In the wake of the series concluding episodes, fans have inevitably begun discussing their own thoughts and feelings. As it turns out, it appears that many seem to have mixed feelings about how the This Is Us series finale played out.

You'd be hard-pressed to name a series that's more emotionally driven and heartfelt than 'This Is Us'.

The Big Three's Kevin and Randall shaking hands in 'This Is Us'.

This Is Us tells the interwoven life story of a truly distinctive set of triplets, their incredibly self-sacrificing parents, and all the trials and tribulations along the way.

'This Is Us' did it like no other, if you ask me.

Jack Pearson on This is Us smiling and nodding his head
Giphy | This Is Us

The show followed the stories of Jack and Rebecca Pearson, along with their children Randall, Kate, and Kevin.

The magnificent show spanned seven years across six tear-drenched seasons (I used up so many boxes of kleenex).

The beauty about 'This Is Us' was that the series had something for everyone.

Mandy Moore and Jon Huertas in 'This Is Us'.

It focuses on the hardship of married life, the dissension that occurs between siblings, and the pain of losing the ones we love. I'm sad to see it go.

Last night, on May 24th, fans of the "Big Three" bore witness to the final episode of 'This Is Us'.

Randall from 'This Is Us' crying and wiping his eyes.
Giphy | This Is Us

In keeping with the This Is Us motif, the final episode was deeply cathartic. However, as is the case when any beloved series comes to a close — there were some who were left wanting.

The series finale played out over two separate storylines.

Jack Pearson from 'This Is Us' with a beard and denim jacket, in the hospital.

The first is a flashback memory of the Pearsons enjoying a Saturday at home. The second storyline transports the audience back to the present — with Randall, Kevin, and Kate attending their mother's funeral.

As the siblings sit mourning the loss of their beloved mother, each has an epiphany as to how they'll honor her memory.

Kevin, Kate, and Randall at their mother's funeral in 'This Is Us'.

Kevin plans on continuing his non-profit work, while Kate intends on opening even more music schools for the visually impaired. As for Randall, he's set his mind to run for President.

Many fans felt that this was the perfect ending for the series, and provided a great sense of resolution for each of the character's

Kate giving herself a hug in 'This Is Us'.
Giphy | This Is Us

"I can't imagine a more beautifully done series finale," wrote Twitter user @kari143. "I'm so happy the original big three played such a big part, they deserved their swan song!"

Others were quick to comment on how 'This Is Us' helped to ease their own emotional anguish over the past few years.

Whether you loved or hated This Is Us, there's no denying that the series had a knack for striking an emotional nerve with its audience.

Some fans have already started clamoring for the show to come back!

Sure, the series could've undoubtedly kept going, but there's something to be said for going out on top and remaining true to the story that you set out to tell in the first place.

As much as audiences seemed to love the finale, there were those who felt grossly underwhelmed by the whole thing.

Randall getting up from the table in 'This Is Us'.
Giphy | This Is Us

"#ThisIsUs finale..well honestly I was expecting more after all the hype," wrote Twitter user @carrier_tonya. "No kleenex needed for this episode. Little disappointed. Nevertheless, still an amazing series.

Some fans were hoping to see Jack deliver on his promise.

I'm not going to outright argue with this point. But when it comes to finales, sometimes it's best to leave the audience wanting just a little bit more.

"People wanting some big grand dramatic send off episode are missing the entire point of the show." Twitter user OutKickingRocks said.

"Life, like the finale, at the end comes down to a random collection of stories and small moments. Those small things are what we are. Not the big ones. #ThisIsUs"

Others were happy to see that the theme of affection between men was displayed as something normal (as it should be).

"I just watched the finale of what was probably the most artistically wholesome family show I have ever watched. It reinforced beliefs like empathy, togetherness, nostalgia, ambition, and male affection. There will be no other like it. I’m sad to see it go." user livin_sober said.

Some fans were simply enjoying the moment, no matter what form it came in.

Jack Pearson sitting down to kiss Rebecca Pearson on the cheek
Giphy | This Is Us

"When this series started, I faithfully watched it with my Mother. The only show we watched together. She passed in 2018. She sat in this chair and I refused to sit in it for every episode, including tonight's finale. TY for letting us watch this incredible show! #ThisIsUs" user JRamzious said.

It seems that the vast majority of fans are at an impasse.

Jack and Rebecca in the hospital in 'This Is Us'.
Giphy | This Is Us

But no matter how much you loved or hated the finale, one thing we can all agree on is that This Is Us helped audiences to change the way they look and approach family life, forever.

We will miss this incredible cast!