15 Tattoos I'd Never Get But Are Funny To See

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Thomas Despeyroux

Getting a tattoo can be a tough decision for some people. It's hard to figure out what to get because it can be so permanent and it will be on your body forever.

Some people are pretty specific in what they want and refuse to get anything that's not professionally perfect. However, other people will go all out and get themselves something they can laugh at forever.

This banana is going out for a good time.

Talk about wearing your birthday suit, this banana clearly knows what having a good time is all about. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and seeing this tattoo? I'd think that they are the life of the party.

Air fryers for life.

Air Fryer Tattoo
reddit | Reddit

The air fryer trend has come; apparently, it is here to stay. Everyone who has an air fryer stands by how amazing they are, and this person wants everyone to know even when they die out.

Post-its can fix up any problems.

Broken heart? Just throw a Post-It right on over the parts that are broken and put a little smiley face on it. You can fake it 'til you make it when your heart is bruised.

I mean, he has a point.

Everyone knows Pikachu has a lot of attitudes and a mind of his own. But, the question that he's asking about this person's body is not entirely wrong. How does anyone expect him to shrink up into that tiny ball?

He'll remember this order forever.

mcdonalds receipt tattoo
reddit | Reddit

McDonald's lovers are unlike anything else. They have a pure, unbreakable love for the fast food chain. But, I'm not sure who loves McDonald's enough to get their receipt tattooed on their arm.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Burger.

teenage turtle burger
reddit | Reddit

This tattoo, while hilariously thought up and created, is a pretty amazing tattoo. The shading makes it look like one delicious burger that we would eat, had it not been for the creepy eyes.

What a life motto.

If you hate a lot of people, the best thing to do is live a better, longer, more successful life than the person you hate. The more water you drink, the healthier you will be, the better off you are to outlive them.

The best kind of vamp.

If you were to ask me what the best kind of vampire is, it would be a vampire pizza. Who doesn't love the dark, spookiness of a vampire, but also the deliciousness of a pizza? It's cute, but pretty funny too.

This is too much to handle.

toe tattoo
reddit | Reddit

I guess when life hands you a broken toenail, you should take that broken toenail and turn it into two eyes and a tattooed mouth. Pretty clever, but also pretty gross too.

The worst pain in the world.

If there is one pain that everyone knows and fears as a parent of children—it's stepping on a LEGO. Stepping on one can truly be one of the most painful things in the world, and can really make you want to scream into the abyss.

The most NYC tattoo ever.

The city smells like absolute shrimp and fish at all times, and those plastic bags are synonymous with New York City. So, a huge hat-tip to the nastiest and best city in the world.

Dead fish—on the outside.

This fish is dead on the outside but inside, they're bright as all heck with a giant rainbow bursting out of them. Much like a lot of people—they are pretty colorful (once you get to know them).

Shrimp cooking shrimp.

This jumbo shrimp is getting down in the kitchen and what does he seem to be cooking up? A pot of shrimp over rice. Shrimp cooking shrimp—that seems to be a bit dark.

Another kind way to say I hope you drop dead.

There's nothing quite like a tattoo with a meaning that tells whoever reads it to leave you alone. I love this coffin tattoo, because it's a hilarious burn to anyone who might ask you, "What does that say?"

That's one sexy taco.

This taco clearly has a full-time job and a side hustle, and is ready to take you to the bank for all that you are worth. I have never met a taco with so much sass and attitude.