Mom Posts Target Hack For Kids Who Can't Stop Growing

Sarah Kester
Target store sign
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Part of having a child is buying things for them.

There's the cost of living, a roof over their heads, and tons of games and candy to keep them happy.

Another cost that adds up? Clothes. Kids are only going to fit into them for so long.

Thankfully, one mom on TikTok posted a brilliant Target hack that will make parents (and their wallets) happy!

There are a lot of differing thoughts on children's clothing in the parenting world.

Caitlin and her two children
instagram | @caitlinfladager

Like this Vancouver mom, Caitlin Fladager, who believes in buying her kids Walmart clothes while she reps designer digs.

She explained the reason she does this to her 644k followers on Instagram.

"Because I am not constantly outgrowing them, like my kids are," she stated in her first point.

Kids having a pillow fight
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"I am not constantly spilling food and dirt all over my brand new clothes," she continued. This is a fair point. Kids really are often a mess.

To prove her point, Caitlin shared an image of her kids eating ice cream.

Both were dangerously close to getting it all over their clothes. Imagine if those shirts were from Prada like some of the Kardashian children! They would get a serious time-out.

On that same note, Caitlin said that she's not running outside in the dirt like her kids.

Child with flour on her face
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Not having to worry about what they're wearing is part of allowing kids to be kids. "I am not tripping and ripping holes in brand new clothes," Caitlin shared for her third point.

"I will not feel bad for buying my clothes for them from Walmart," she wrote.

Caitlin posing by car
instagram | @caitlinfladager

"The dirt, the smiles, and the ice cream makes me way more happier than a photo of them dressed in clothes they hate, that they will outgrow in a week," she concluded.

Another thing kids do to their clothes is outgrow them.

Kids clothes
Unsplash | The Nix Company

This means that parents have to buy their kids new clothes almost every year, which can get expensive.

Thankfully, there is another cost-saving hack for this! Vivian from the TikTok account, @yourrichBFF, shared all the deets on TikTok.

In her viral video, she gave a demonstration of a parent asking to return children's pants at Target.

Vivian holding pants at Target
TikTok | yourrichbff

Instead of getting rejected by store policy, she acted as a cashier who said, "okay, sure thing." Parent-Vivian was surprised by how easy it was.

"You're not going to ask me why?" she asked.

Vivian acting as a cashier
TikTok | yourrichbff

"Nope," cashier-Vivian responded. "I see that those are Cat & Jack brand pants for your little one. Target has a one-year satisfaction guarantee that allows customers to return broken, worn, or outgrown Cat & Jack children's clothing items."

"And shoes, within one year of purchase," she continued.

Old woman counting money

"You're just going to give me my money back?" a skeptical parent-Vivian asked.

The cashier responded that this was the case, so long as she had the receipt. But even if she didn't, there are alternatives.

Parents without a receipt can receive store credit.

Kids clothing
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Or, they can exchange the item for a bigger size. According to Vivian, Target accounts for the cost of these returns and exchanges in the cost of Cat & Jack clothing. Pretty accomodating!

Many parents were excited to give the hack a try.

Jimmy Fallon saying, "we're rich"
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"Single mom here and this helps so much I like to do this when the clothes get ripped or damage," one wrote.

Someone else shared that if you have the Target app, you will always have your receipt!