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Stepdad Live-Tweets Stepson's Loud Efforts To Sneak A Girl In And Out Of The House

This dad's stepson had a lady friend spend the night and was left attempting to figure out how to get her out of the house.

A Girl Upstairs

Twitter user Tricky-D heard a girl in his stepson's bedroom, which is right above his. He heard them throughout the night and by 10 a.m. the next morning she still hadn't left. How would his stepson get her out without his mom finding out? Stepdad decided to tweet the whole ordeal.

White Shoes

A half-hour later, the girl was still in the bedroom. His wife was so busy cleaning that she hadn't noticed the clues, like a mysterious pair of white shoes by the front door.

Not Their Shoes

Here are said shoes. As you can see, those white kicks definitely stand out from the rest of the shoes in the house.

Intense Cleaning

Now an hour into the ordeal, Tricky-D snaps a pic of his wife to show how intensely she is cleaning.

Making Choices

Apparently a bunch of people on Twitter were asking him why he wasn't helping his stepson sneak the girl out of his house, to which this dad had a perfect reply.

Young Love

Incredibly, over 300,000 people voted in this poll, with the large majority of them wanting the son to get away with it and not have the mom find out.

Waiting it Out

His stepson knows his mom's Saturday routine, so it's likely that he is keeping the girl in his room until his mom goes to take a nap. Good strategy.

Going Viral

The pressure of going viral started to get to him, so he dropped a hilariously specific analogy about the hype.

A Close Friend

Finally she had to pee so bad that she came downstairs and risked being busted.

Grabs the Shoes

It's now 2:13 in the afternoon and the son has made the bold decision to go her her shoes so she can make a run for the exit.

An Opportunity

They finally waited it out long enough that they got the window they needed to escape.


And about three hours later, they made it out without mom ever finding out. Well done, young lovers.

A Special Bond

Tricky-D and son shared a special joke during the whole affair. The dad even went so far as to offer up a bet as to which door she would escape from.

"Omg this kid!! NONCHALANT AF he casually strolls downstairs... AND grabbed those shoes and went back upstairs. Side eyeing me the whole way past. I shot him a little wink

Drama Complete

"And closure... Sure enough, hit the side door and they gone. I don't know about you but need a drink after that suspense. Thanks for following along! That was amazing," Tricky-D wrote.

He's The Cook Of The House

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Tricky-D also weighed in to explain why he wasn't helping his wife with the cleaning -- because he's the one who cooks. Those look like delicious sandwiches.