15 Spouses Who Definitely Have A Sense Of Humor

Lex Gabrielle
couple being silly with bags on their head
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Being married is so exciting and special when it first happens. But, over time, some couples feel like things can get a bit stale and boring. The best way to keep things interesting and fun would be to, of course, make things fun and hilarious.

There's nothing like a good ol' prank on the person you love the most, right? These couples totally have that down to a science.

This wife who wanted her husband to have a shock.

We have all seen how these things pop and make firecracker noises like no other. There is absolutely no way that someone is not going to yelp when they sit down on this toilet seat.

This husband who thought he'd be funny.

paris bagette on sheets with paris theme
reddit | Reddit

He claims that his wife wanted an entire bedroom with "Paris decor" so to add to the bedroom theme, he put a french baguette right in the center of their bed, you know for decoration.

This wife with some jokes.

Everyone loves extra powdered sugar on their donuts, of course. But, this powder sugar is not powder sugar at all instead, it's baby powder. Yikes. I bet that does not taste as good as it looks.

This wife looking to scare her husband.

When he gets up in the morning and goes to look for his cup, he is for sure going to be screaming and wake the entire neighborhood up. This prank is sinister and scary!

This wife who hid a spider at the end of her husband's coffee.

Imagine drinking an entire cup of coffee and all of a sudden you see a little black spider right at the bottom of the cup? Clearly, you will want to throw up.

One husband is about to lose his mind.

Does anyone else's husband complain they order from Amazon way too much? Well, this wife is ready to make it rain terror like no other, saving all of her boxes and pretending she got a huge order.

That's not deodorant.

Instead, this wife replaced her husband's Old Spice deodorant with cream cheese instead. That's not going to smell fresh and clean on his armpits, that's for damn sure.

This husband cannot ever locate the remotes.

Instead of helping him look, this wife decided to name all of the remote controls with things that oftentimes go missing. Some key characters from our childhood that we're always looking for—truly amazing.

Her husband wanted "popcorn chicken."

Chicken in a pan with popcorn
reddit | Reddit

So, she definitely made popcorn chicken for dinner. That is chicken, for sure, and there is some popcorn in that cooking dish, as well. But, definitely not what he had in mind. However, I wonder if it tastes good.

This husband totally got her on this one.

funny fake coupon for blinker fluid
reddit | Reddit

This poor woman went to Auto Zone and tried to redeem this coupon for "blinker fluid" for quite some time until she fully realized that there is no such thing as blinker fluid for a car.

After arguing for three days, he sent her this note.

funny amazon giftcard message
reddit | Reddit

The Reddit user said that he and his girlfriend had been fighting for three days and hadn't really talked much, so he sent her a gift on Amazon, and then he shared this cheeky message with her—which, we can all relate to in one way or another.

This wife is about to lose her mind.

baby head in the bathtub on a faucet
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This husband wanted to pull one over on his wife, knowing she would be getting in the tub rather soon, he got a doll head and put it directly where she needed to reach. The screams that will come from this bathroom will rock the world.

He locked up the goods.

coffee jar with lock on it
reddit | Reddit

After a "petty" argument with her husband, he decided to take things into his own hands. And, what he did was put a whole lock on the coffee jar so she couldn't have any coffee in the morning.

He forgot their anniversary again.

cake with you forgot again message on it
reddit | Reddit

The Reddit user shared that she got her husband this cake for their anniversary. And, it basically showcases that this is the 10th, 15th, 20th time that he forgot their anniversary. However, that cake looks amazing.

A true mark of a wife.

hair framed on the wall
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The husband shared that his wife always puts her hair all over the shower wall so, he decided to make it into some framed art for their home. Talk about the true mark of every wife in the bathroom.